About The UPA Party;

The United People of America Party (UPA Party) is the 3rd political option for people who have been disenfranchised by the current system.

We are an American Nationalists party that supports true diversity and a homeland for every people, including people of European decent.

Our core belief is that America belongs to the European bloodline, who’s forefathers shed blood, sweat, and tears in order to build this nation for future generations to come.

A new American empire will rise from the ashes like a phoenix, once its powerful people regain their strength!

When the UPA Party is in power, we will ensure that all Americans live peaceful and prosperous lives.

Key Issues;

America used to be a nation of White people that was both successful and safe.

This country was founded and built by European Settlers as home for all European immigrants, yet sadly today we have become a multicultural melting pot that is filled with degeneracy, crime, poverty, and chaos.

The governmental system we have now is simply corruption and robbery on a massive scale, where the state collaborates with the financial elite to indoctrinate, and enslave the masses.

This financial elite is a small clique of Jewish billionaires who have monopolized the banks, news media, entertainment, big-box stores, academia, and medicine; they use the cover of “lobbying” to dictate United States policy, which means they own every politician in Washington.

Without any form of voting or consulting with the American people, these ultra-wealthy Jews have used their political assets to carry out replacement-immigration, unregulated market, massive funding of foreign interests, degenerate perversion, and many more destructive policies.

It is clear to see that they are forcing such policies upon the America population to divide and conquer us further, which will in return allow them to initiate a One World Government once America is ultimately destroyed from within.

The occupational United States government has made it very clear that we do not have the right to self-determination, the right to freely bear arms throughout the country, the right to have a community, the right to freedom of travel, freedom of speech, or freedom of assembly.


To begin solving all of our most pressing issues, we must first reclaim local government offices across the country.

In a coordinated fashion we must take back the local political offices such as Mayor, City Council, and Governor that are currently occupied by parties that run unopposed.

Once local offices are reclaimed:

-We can put an end to unregulated markets that have allowed the Globalist elite to steal total power through monopolization.

-We can make all forms of political bribery (lobbying) a punishable criminal offense.

-We can encourage more European immigration, and permanently ban non-European immigration into America.

-We can impose laws that ensure only those of true European decent can hold political office in representation of the European people.

-White families can be subsidized to have larger families.

-We can reenforce American Nationalism by embracing our rich history, heritage, & culture, while ridding our country of all alien influence.

-We can unify the states into a nation that is lead by one political party, to solve our most urgent issues in the most efficient way

To learn more and connect with us, please see our get involved page.

God Bless America!