The Order of Raven – [OR]

“Builders of the community,
Symbols of unity,
Guardians of the Aryan race.”

The [OR] is where you belong.

The greatest enemy of our day is not somewhere over seas, but in our own homeland, waging war on our way of life.

We must be willing to defend our people’s rights, or tyranny will strip them away, until none remain.

The occupational government is tightening its grip on all of us, so the time to act is NOW.

We are looking to gather the country’s bravest men who are not afraid to stand up against tyranny and fight for what is right!

The [OR] is not for the faint of heart.

Weak men will fold under the pressure to become something greater than what they currently are.

Every great civilization that thrived, did so because they had strong warriors to defend it; America is no exception.

Members of the [OR] will be tasked with deploying to needed areas for security, activism, and displays of unity.


One Way Forward!

We ask all veterans and members currently serving in the military to consider using their valued skills where they can make a real difference with the [OR].

The important thing to remember is that we are all in this fight for a brighter future together; EVERY MAN COUNTS.

You will receive all the Honor, and Glory that comes once the UPA Party is established as the rightful, and inevitable unifying party of America.

Do you have what it takes to join the Order?

Break the cycle of modern social expectations.

Engage in a life changing mission that will help you obtain meaning, respect, & freedom.

Become the patriot you’ve always dreamed of being.

Contact an [OR] leader today!

Email- [email protected]

-We need more men with relative experience to become Commissioned Officers who will be responsible for the training, policing, and everyday leading of our troops.