The Great Replacement

The Great Replacement “theory” is quite simple to understand, all you have to do it look around and observe. When we refer to the Great Replacement or Replacement Immigration, we are talking about America permanently losing its White majority due to mass immigration from 3rd world countries. To clarify, the term “American” means White, or … Read more

Environmental Damage

Is the world in worse condition than it was 100 years ago? The simple, and undeniable answer to this question is yes. The next question we should ask ourselves is “What should we do about it?” We constantly hear about the “climate change” theory, in which our earthly climate is supposedly getting warmer due to … Read more

The Drug Epidemic

As we all know, drugs have become widely available across the country. Drugs affect every community across America no matter how rich, poor, or safe they may seem. In fact, we probably all know someone who has struggled with drug addiction at some point in their lives, or who has been tragically taken from us … Read more


Ethno-pluralism is the key to form a mutual respect of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds throughout the world. We must come to a mutual understanding that everyone has a birthright to live, unless their actions in later life prove them to be unworthy of a life amongst others. The world is a diverse place indeed, … Read more


Hollywood floods our theaters & television screens with Satanic images, degenerate perversion, extreme violence, drug promotion, anti-White messages, and alien culture to poison the minds of the American population. Modern movies are filled with nothing but mental programming & subliminal messaging in order to distract people, pervert their minds, and condition them into normalizing degenerate … Read more

The Vax

We must fight against current & future vaccine mandates at all costs. The COVID-19 pandemic scam has been the greatest government crackdown in human history. The “Coronavirus Pandemic” and all the measures taken by governments worldwide was planned from the start, which obviously means the whole thing is a lie. Without a single shred … Read more

News Media

Jewish companies own almost 100% of the world’s mainstream media!

It is not anti-semetic to point out the fact that Jews literally control what the American people see and hear as news.

This article is not intended to insight violence against Jewish people.

Why have Jews completely monopolized news?

If we know that American news media is filled with lies, cover up storied, and fake news, what does this say about the people who control the news?

Here is a list of the people who control media in America:

The Walt Disney Company.

One of the largest multinational media conglomerates in the world.

Disney has about 225 affiliated stations in the United States, owns ABC, ESPN, Hulu, and is part owner of several European TV companies.

ABC Radio Network owns eleven AM and ten FM stations, again in major cities such as New York, Washington, and Los Angeles, and has over 3,400 affiliates.

Pixar, Marvel, & Lucasfilm are subsidiaries of Disney.

Robert A. Iger – (Jewish) FORMER Executive Chairman of Walt Disney Company.

Bob Chapek – (Jewish) CEO of The Walt Disney Company.

Susan Arnold – (Jewish) Chairwoman of The Walt Disney Company.

Dana Walden – (Jewish) Chairwoman of Walt Disney Television.

Isaac Perlmutter- (Jewish) Chairman of Marvel.


An American multinational conglomerate holding company that is the world’s largest telecommunications company, and the largest provider of mobile telephone services in the U.S.

AT&T owns WarnerMedia, CNN, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, D.C Comics, HBO, TNT, TBS, Warner Bros, and many more brands.

WarnerMedia’s subsidiary HBO is one of the country’s largest pay-TV cable network.

John Stankey- (Jewish) CEO of AT&T.

Steve Ross – is the (Jewish) Founder of WarnerMedia.

Jeff Zucker – (Jewish) Chairman, WarnerMedia News & Sports; President, CNN Worldwide)

-Jews have held every other leadership position in CNN for a long time.

Warner Music Group (one of the big three recording companies and the third-largest in the global music industry) was formerly apart of WarnerMedia, but is now owned by Access Industries.

Len Blavatnik – (Jewish) Owner of Access Industries.

Michael Lynton – (Jewish) Chairman of Warner Music Group.

ViacomCBS Inc.

The diversified multinational mass media and entertainment corporation was formed through the merger of the of CBS Corporation and Viacom.

Viacom, which produces and distributes TV programs for the three largest networks, owns 12 television stations and 12 radio stations; It produces feature films through Paramount Pictures.

ViacomCBS owns CBS News, MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, BET, Showtime, and many more channels.

Shari Redstone – (Jewish) Founder / Owner of ViacomCBS & National Amusements.

Brian Robbins – (Jewish) CEO of Paramount Pictures.

-Jews have held every leadership position in CBS for a long time.

Fox Corporation.

An American mass media company that deals primarily in the television broadcast, news, and sports broadcasting industries.

Rupert Murdoch – (“Christian” Zionist) Owner of Fox Corporation.

-Jews have held every leadership position in Fox for a long time.

NBC Universal.

An “American” multinational mass media and entertainment conglomerate corporation owned by Comcast.

Brian Roberts – (Jewish) CEO of Comcast.

Noah Oppenheim – (Jewish) President of NBC News.

-Jews have held every leadership position in NBC News for a long time.

New York Times Company.

American mass media company that publishes The New York Times newspaper.

A.G. SulzBerber – (Jewish) Chairman of New York Times Company ; Publisher of New York Times.

-Jews have held every leadership position in the NYT for a long time.

Meta Platforms.

It is the parent organization of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, among other subsidiaries; It is one of the world’s most valuable companies and is considered one of the Big Tech companies in U.S. information technology.

Mark Zuckerberg – (Jewish) Co-founder of Facebook & Meta Platforms ; CEO Meta Platforms.

Sheryl Sandberg – (Jewish) COO of Meta Platforms.

Eduardo Luiz Saverin – (Jewish) Co-Founder of Facebook.

Dustin Moskovitz – (Jewish) Co-Founder of Facebook.

Alphabet Inc.

An “American” multinational technology giant that is worth over a trillion dollars.

Alphabet owns Google, YouTube, & Android.

Most of what people search for on the internet is filtered by Jewish Google to divert users to websites they approve of; they will hide other informational websites, and defame people they do not like.

Sergey Brin – (Jewish) Co-Founder of Google; Owner of Alphabet.

Larry Page – (Jewish) Co-founder of Google; Owner of Alphabet.

Ruth Porat – (Jewish) CFO of Google & Alphabet.

Susan Wojcicki – (Jewish) CEO of Youtube.

Advance Publications.

An “American” media company that owns a large number of subsidiary companies, including Condé Nast, and has majority shares in the Discovery Channel and Reddit.

They currently own over 40 local Newspapers across the county including popular The Star-Ledger, The Plain Dealer, & The Oregonian; they also popular magazines such as Vogue & The New Yorker.

Donald Newhouse – (Jewish) Owner of Advance Publications.

Time Magazine.

Is an “American” news magazine and news website published and based in New York City.

Marc Benioff – (Jewish) Owner of Time Inc.

Edward Felsenthal – (Jewish) Editor in Chief of Time Magazine.

It is not pure coincidence that Jews own more than 95% of all American media; this is a conspiracy to funnel the information that Americans have access to.

We must seriously question the intentions of the Jewish people who thought it was necessary to completely take over News coverage.

Some people might ask “what is wrong with these Jews owning and operating all of the major American news networks?”


American news should not be controlled by a group of people who do not represent the American population.

News has become completely biased, unreliable, and full of misinformation propaganda.

They have strategically done this to cover up any exposure of the Jewish power grab, and to silence any criticism against the Jewish tribe.

Jews have no right to dictate what the American people see on TV.


Boycott the lying Jewish Media.

Speak openly about Jewish Monopolies, and hold demonstrations outside Jewish controlled media outlets.

Elect the UPA to end monopolies in America!