The Great Replacement

The Great Replacement “theory” is quite simple to understand, all you have to do it look around and observe. When we refer to the Great Replacement or Replacement Immigration, we are talking about America permanently losing its White majority due to mass immigration from 3rd world countries. To clarify, the term “American” means White, or … Read more

Environmental Damage

Is the world in worse condition than it was 100 years ago? The simple, and undeniable answer to this question is yes. The next question we should ask ourselves is “What should we do about it?” We constantly hear about the “climate change” theory, in which our earthly climate is supposedly getting warmer due to … Read more

The Importance of Nationalism

In this article we will explain why Nationalism must become one of the core principles upheld by all Americans, members of the UPA Party, and people of other nations worldwide. Nationalism is more than an ideology, it is a conscious awakening amongst kin that drives them to build a strong society that is impenetrable from … Read more

Revolutionary Diet

The goal is to cleanse, and to maintain a healthy body so that we can become the best version of ourselves. Having a healthy body means that you can go above and beyond what the average person is capable of. A person who eats healthier is also helping their brain to function at a higher … Read more

What is Zionism?

The history of Zionism in the West is integral to a proper understanding of modern history. It is essential for UPA members and the general public to have a clear understanding of this subject. Zionism, put simply, is Jewish Nationalism through the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine called “Israel.” The subject of Zionism … Read more

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

What is the Endocrine system? A system of glands in the body that secrete hormones directly into the circulatory system to be carried towards distant target organs. What are Endocrine Disruptors? Endocrine Disruptors are substances or mixtures that alter the function of your endocrine system and consequently cause adverse health effects, either in your body … Read more

12 steps to recovery

The UPA does not recommend taking pharmaceutical prescription drugs, or seeking help from government organizations. The UPA recommends following the 12 steps to recovery if you are struggling with addiction, harmful thoughts, or thoughts of suicide. Here is what you must do to liberate yourself from the addiction, or negative thought which consumes you. Keep … Read more

The Drug Epidemic

As we all know, drugs have become widely available across the country. Drugs affect every community across America no matter how rich, poor, or safe they may seem. In fact, we probably all know someone who has struggled with drug addiction at some point in their lives, or who has been tragically taken from us … Read more


Ethno-pluralism is the key to form a mutual respect of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds throughout the world. We must come to a mutual understanding that everyone has a birthright to live, unless their actions in later life prove them to be unworthy of a life amongst others. The world is a diverse place indeed, … Read more