The Jewish Question

Many White people today are in the dark and completely ignorant concerning a subject that is tantamount to the survival of our race as a whole.

The “Jewish Question” is that subject, and many of you reading may ask yourself, “What is the Jewish Question, and why is it so important to know about?”

Put simply, the Jewish Question seeks to reveal, confront, and answer honestly (without cognitive bias) the role Jews play in Western society and the world at large, as well as identifying problems within Jewish race/culture and the effect this has had historically on their host nations.

You may now ask yourself, “aren’t Jews White, and isn’t Judaism just another religion?”  

What many Whites do not understand is that no, the Jews are not ethically White/Caucasians, but come from a different sub-racial group called Semites, and they do not proselytize their “religion” toward other racial groups.

In fact, according to Jewish law, if your mother is a Jew, you are also an ethnic Jew by birth, and the only way to actually “convert” to Judaism is to marry into Judaism.

There are several sects calling themselves “Jews” such a “messianic Jews”, and “Black Israelites”, who call themselves “Jews”, but they are not officially recognized by the rabbinical leadership or mainstream Jewish society.

There are many sects that developed during Jewish Diaspora after the “Second Temple Period”, though Three main sects have emerged in modern times that comprise the majority of Jewish society.

These three main sects are “Orthodox Jews”, “Conservative Jews”, and “Reform Jews”.

Amongst these three sects, Conservative Jews are by far the most common and widespread group, and they are the champions of the “Zionist” political ideology, which was responsible for the occupation of Palestine and the creation of the State of “Israel” in 1948.

Orthodox Jews are either “non-Zionist”, or even “anti-Zionist” because their strict religious beliefs hold that the state of Israel, as prophesied in the Talmud (the most holy book of the Jews), will not be truly created until the return of their “Messiah”, but like Conservative Jews, Orthodox Jews hold to the edicts of the Talmud.

Reform Jews are secular, non-religious Jews, and many are atheistic Marxists, yet they still cling to their “Jewishness” because it is not just a religion, but a race as well as an elitist social network with many fringe benefits.

Jews in Europe and abroad have been at the forefront of many influential political movements in the West.

Fueled by their immense wealth and desire for power as a group, historically they have supporting ideologies that tend to instigate very destructive socio-political movements, which result in the enrichment of Jews at the expense of non-Jews.

From ancient rebellions against the Greeks and the Roman Empire to modern political movements like Marxism and Zionism, Jews are consistent in their zealotry toward their interests as a tribe.

Zionism and Marxism are the crown jewels of Jewish socio-political thought, and both ideologies have a long history of utilizing tactics of subterfuge, subversion, treason, espionage, social-engineering, mass-murder, and political occupation to achieve their goals.

Historically they have acted without any display of compassion toward their victims, and claim false victimhood status themselves to dodge rational criticism.

As a race, Jews tend to act sociopathically, without regard to the suffering that they cause in the populations of non-Jews that they victimize in the pursuit of their goals.

This is due to their fanatical supremacist religious and cultural beliefs, that state Jews are the superior race, and they often deflect criticism of this belief by projecting this image on other groups as a form of misdirection and slander.

Religious Jews believe that they are God’s chosen people and are destined to rule the world.

Their most holy text, the Babylonian Talmud, explicitly states their belief that non-Jews are sub-humans, created by God for the sole purpose of serving the Jews.

Their word for non-Jew is “Goyim”, which translates from Hebrew as “beast”, and descends from their belief that God created non-Jews in human form so that Jews did not have to be served by beasts, but that non-Jews are essentially human-like beasts of burden and meant only for slavery.

Because of this supremacist belief, Jews have historically engaged in the practice of slavery as far back as the Egyptian, Hellenistic, and Roman periods, all the way to contemporary examples such as the African slave trade, the Barbary slave trade, and even modern human-trafficking operations orchestrated out of Israel and abroad.

One may say, “Not all Jews are bad, only some of them represent the extremist fringe.” but this statement is common amongst those who are unfamiliar with the Jewish religion and culture.

All Jews in essence are Jewish supremacists, even non-religious Jews hold to the cultural belief that Jews are the superior race.

This ideology has been a cornerstone of their culture for thousands of years and is not so easily abandoned.

Many Christians, and other non-Jews simply are not aware of what the Jews teach within their close-knit tribe, and have come to hold false perceptions about what it means to be Jewish due to Jewish controlled mass-media propaganda.

It is literally a requirement of the Jewish religion for “good” Jews to hate, destroy, and enslave the Goyim by any and all means necessary including but not limited to theft, rape, murder, extortion, enslavement, economic terrorism, etc.

Likewise, Jews harbor a particular cultural hatred toward Christianity, which they blaspheme explicitly in their religious writings.

It is supreme irony that modern mainstream Christians have abandoned Christendom’s historic stance on the Jews, and have come to fanatically support Jews and the state of Israel, when the Jews themselves not only hate Christians, but also blaspheme Christ.

To read quotes directly from the Jewish Talmud, the most holy book of the Jews, click here.

The Jews are involved in what can genuinely be called, and indeed has been called, a conspiracy against all mankind, but particularly Western civilization, and will take whatever steps they deem necessary for them to dominate the rest of the West and the world.

It is because of these heinous beliefs, and the willingness of the Jews to act upon them, that “anti-Semitism” exists.

Anti-Semitism is and has always been a reactionary movement toward the disgusting beliefs and criminal practices of the Jews.

Perhaps the reason why the Jews have been disliked and driven out of every host nation they have inhabited historically was because of their own doing and not because they have been victims of “discrimination”, “persecution”, and “libel”.

In fact, in the 1,878 years since the Jews were driven out of Israel by the Romans in A.D. 70, till the Jewish occupation of Palestine in A.D. 1948, the Jews were officially expelled from 109 locations; The reasons cited historically for these expulsions range from usury, coin clipping, and thievery to high crimes such as sedition, well poisoning, and even child sacrifice!

Of the most disturbing accusations against the Jews is the accusation of ‘Jewish Ritual Murder’ and child sacrifice; Also called “Blood Libel” by the Jews who denied the allegation, was the alleged murder of a non-Jew in celebration of the Jewish religious festivals of Purim and Passover.

The ritual’s supposed purpose was to drain the blood of a non-Jewish person (usually a young Christian boy) in order to make three cornered Purim pastries or matzo.

One of the earliest accusations of Jewish ritual murder was written by the 1st century B.C. Greek historian Damocritus, who is said to have stated that every seven years the Jews would sacrifice a gentile in their temple.

The historian Flavius Josephus confirms that there were Greek records detailing this act, and that it was not just a literary invention.

The 1st century A.D. Greek writer Apion also attested that the Jews in Greece committed this act; Many cases can be found in the annals of Europe from ancient times to the medieval period and on to the modern era.

Never was a charge of Libel brought against any of their accusers in the ritual murder cases and there have literally been hundreds of recorded instances of it from the medieval period to modern times.

These cases against the Jews were tried in some of the highest courts in the land, with the Jews having the best lawyers along with in some cases a King’s protection, yet they were still found guilty in the vast majority of cases.

Many of these cases resulted in the Catholic church canonizing the victims as Saints and there is an extensive list of child saints who are said to have been victims of Jewish ritual murder.

The earliest child martyr to be canonized by the church as a martyred saint was William of Norwich who was said to have been found stabbed to death in the woods of Norwich England in A.D. 1144.

Thomas of Monmouth, who chronicled the event claimed that every year there is an international council of Jewish elders who choose the country in which a child will be killed during Easter.

We know from confessions of the guilty that as part of Jewish ritual murder they would circumcise the Christian child, before draining him of blood and then crucifying him; The drained blood would be mixed with the wine and unleavened bread used in their Passover rituals before being consumed.

It may seem hard to believe that Jews are capable of ritually consuming blood, yet they openly drink the blood of their infants to this day in the circumcision ritual, where a Rabbi sucks the blood from the mutilated penis of the child.

These cases of Jewish ritual murder persisted all the way to the 20th century and persist to this day, but in modern times cases of Jewish ritual murder have come to light but are quickly denounces and suppressed.

Whites are now taught from a young age that the Jews have been unjustly persecuted for thousands of years and are the simply victims of the horrible racism and libel of the evil White Christians.

We are taught that to be an anti-Semite is the worst thing that you can possibly be, worse even than a criticizer of Blacks, Mestizos, or east Asians.

This in itself reveals the simple truth, “to learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” -Kevin Alfred Strom.

The Zionist Jews have been in control of the western economies, media, and governments, for the better part of two centuries, and they have been successful in part in enslaving the White race in America and abroad.

The proof of this is evident in that the majority of ultra-wealthy and influential people in America and the West are either Jewish or in league with Jews.

The leaders of corrupt mega-corporations and monopolies, the owners of most media from radio stations and Hollywood to internet tech-monopolies, and the central banks of virtually every nation on the planet including the Federal Reserve Bank where America gets its money, is owned and operated by Jews!

Jews are the number one threat to the sovereignty and even the very existence of the White race, they seek only to destroy and enslave us.

They are behind the policies which have ravaged the economies of our nations, via usury and debt slavery, and they are behind the corrosion, infiltration, and occupation of our institutions via the promotion of Zionism, multiculturalism, liberalism, cultural-Marxism, etc.

The truth of the Jewish plot to overthrow the powers of the world and take on the mantle of the “Chosen People” is even more apparent when reading one of the most illegal and forbidden books in the world, forbidden because those in power don’t want the truth to get out.

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion;

The Protocols of Zion (for short), was published in 1905, by professor Sergyei Nilus, an official of the Department of Foreign Religions at Moscow, containing what was purported to be the minutes of the meetings of the learned “Elders of Zion”.

These Protocols record the addresses given in Switzerland in 1897 to the innermost circle of the figureheads of International Jewry.

The protocols reveal the secret plan of world domination by the Jewish Nation as sought after for centuries.

The Jews, of course, have ardently denied that such a meeting ever took place, or that an international Jewish conspiracy to take over the world exists (as stated in the Talmud to give false testimony to the Goyim.) 

Some claim that this book is a fake, but the verdict that these minutes are a forgery rest solely on this circumstantial evidence.

The Jewish establishment has spent a fortune to suppress and discredit the Protocols, even exercising the power to make them illegal to possess them in some countries.

Yet while ardently asserting that these protocols are a forgery, all of the subject matter of this meeting such as: control of international monetary systems and finance, control of media propaganda, and the forcing on sovereign Western nations a policy of open borders and multiculturalism has already occurred under the guess of the so called “New World Order”.

Read more about the New World Order here.

Many scholars have noted the correspondence between the agenda of the Protocols and their fulfillment in modern times; We have seen the Protocols carried out word for word in the world-power that the Jews at the top have achieved, though modern “Conservatives” and “Patriots” have ignored the fact that the most influential, wealthy, and powerful people in the world are either Jewish or in league with Jews.

The wealthy families implicated in Illuminati conspiracies theories such as the Rothschild dynasty, were the same family lines involved in the Zionist conspiracy to create Israel.

This is not a theory but a generally accepted fact by academics familiar with the history of Zionism; Likewise, the creators of Marxist theory and the Bolsheviks who fought the first Communist Revolution were primarily Jewish.

What these Jewish power brokers have attained through well known conspiracies today is too self-evident to be considered merely coincidental.

Even if one does not believe in the authenticity of the Protocols, one thing that can’t be denied is their fulfillment and the fact that everything the protocols plotted, planned, and predicted has either already happened, or is happening now.

The greatest proof of their authenticity is that they are now fulfilled.

Tactics and conditions engineered by Jews are leading to nation after nation falling into the chaos of economic servitude, multiculturalism, liberalism, false democracy, and marxism.

It is time for the White man to take back our lands, our lives, and the destiny of our people.

We must evict the Jewish people from all nations within the Occident, as well as make alliances and foster cooperation with other non-Jewish peoples who have also been victimized by this tribe of sociopaths.

We must start this endeavor by educating our own people as to the reality of the Jewish Question.

To do this, we must work to take our media platforms back and/ or build new media outlets to combat the almost monolithic influence of the Jewish owned media empire.

Education of our people is the first step toward gaining enough support to force these occupiers out of our corrupted institutions.

As members of the UPA Party, this is one of the most important aspects of our mission, and we will not rest until this subject is given the proper attention it deserves.

We will not avoid the Jewish Question as an attempt to operate “under the radar”, because we feel it is too important to the survival of our people to have a clear understanding of our enemies.

This article was brought to you in collaboration of The Church of Aryanity & Enlightenment News.