The Importance of Nationalism

In this article we will explain why Nationalism must become one of the core principles upheld by all Americans, members of the UPA Party, and people of other nations worldwide.

Nationalism is more than an ideology, it is a conscious awakening amongst kin that drives them to build a strong society that is impenetrable from outside influences.

The movement of Nationalism is surrounded by the belief that a country’s people should be congruent, cohesive, and of a similar mind.

Nationalism transcends a country into a nation that is united under the same traditions, values, culture, ethnicity, language, and politics.

This means no more political feuds, no more corruption, no more exploitation of peoples lives, no more minorities, racism, or diversity, no more confusion, and no more animosity towards fellow countrymen.

When a country is unstable, broken, or divided, Nationalism is the only cure that can allow its people to rise above such unfortunate circumstances.

The UPA holds a firm and strong belief that all men across the world should take on the responsibility of nationalism, no matter what country they reside.

We refer to the matter as taking on “the responsibility of Nationalism” because once a man bestows upon himself the title of Nationalist, he must change his entire outlook on life.

The easy, and lazy way to go about modern life is to accept whatever is given to you, regardless of who it is from or where it originates, and no matter what it costs you in the long run.

Most people who are suffering under oppression stay in the same position, because the alternative of reshaping their surroundings seems too difficult a task.

Although it is much more difficult to initiate the path of Nationalism & self-dependance, especially on a larger scale, the rewards are well worth the struggle.

Nationalism leads to a utopian-like state, built upon the interests of its people; we have observed this many times throughout the records of human history.

As a Nationalist, you must dedicate yourself not only to your own family, but to your entire folk, for then you will treat your people’s country as a sacred place that deserves both respect & attentive care.

We Nationalists must always act in the best interest of our people, and we must do whatever is necessary to advance our nation.

Make no mistake, a nation is not simply a place that is home to all that arrive; A place only becomes a nation when it is inhabited by people of same or similar lineage.

Embracing Nationalism is the only true way for a patriot to express himself properly.

If you love your country, if you take pride in your history, and if you wish to openly celebrate the achievements of your people, you must turn to Nationalism now & forever.

Being Nationalist means you can no longer rely on foreign entities for goods or services, and you can no longer allow foreign entities to influence your way of living.

You can no longer tolerate politicians selling out your country to the interests of foreign powers, and you can longer accept being used as a host-country for parasites that drain your resources.

Your folk must come first above all else.

We must reject everything alien to us with every bone in our body, because only then can we truly declare ourselves independent from a world that is ruled by wickedness and corruption.

Gaining independence does not mean we have to completely isolate ourselves from trade; if other countries have goods to offer in exchange for our goods, this is completely acceptable, but this relationship must remain within the boundaries of trading goods and nothing more.

With an economy built on Nationalism, we are drawing the line to prevent foreign entities from dominating the American market, bribing American politicians, or making shady business deals that end up hurting our economy /population.

Being in debt to another country is never an option.

Nationalism does not mean we are better than, or that we hate others; It simply means we enjoy our own, and wish to keep what we have as our own.

The only endeavor relating to foreign places we should be engaged in (outside of trade), is helping to return foreign migrants currently living in America, to their original homelands.

Another alternative solution could be to section off different parts of the current “United States” map, to accommodate the mixed population.

In other words there could potentially be a state sized area (or areas) dedicated to different ethnicities who are living here, in order to prevent the difficult logistics of transporting millions of people into a different country.

We say this because as stated before, America can only become a nation by solidifying our European population, culture, and beliefs.

Once we gain our American independence once more, this time by ridding the country of alien influences, we shall know that our people have the will to survive and overcome any situation.

With Nationalism being accepted into the hearts of our people, and being ingrained into the foundations of our country’s inner works, we will never have to worry about a problem too great to solve alone.

We will never have to worry about inflation destroying our economy, we will never experience a shortage of any kind, and we will never again be dragged into pointless wars started by the financial elite who currently occupy our government.

If we rely on nobody but ourselves, we will have abundances of food, resources, and opportunity.

We will have nationwide peace, family prosperity, and a uniting cause that brings all citizens closer together.

The relationship between Nationalism and freedom is perfectly complimentary of each other, because without hardened-Nationalist soldiers, the freedom of a people can easily be removed or stolen by tyranny.

Under the banner of nationalism, we will discover a liberation from all hardship & worry.

If we are Nationalists, then we cannot be persuaded, we cannot be bullied, we cannot be bribed, and we cannot be tricked by any form of political lies.

Nationalism will teach people to take care of their communities, so that nobody will have to struggle on their own.

Up against rigged and exploitable voting systems such as online voting, mail in voting, and extortionist masters such as the CIA, FBI, DHS, & Israeli Mossad, our approach to retain power must be innovative.

Through unity, courage, and by using our voice, we can succeed in saving our country from the grasp of current political chaos, which drags us all into complete turmoil.

It is time to rethink the two party system, and move towards the single uniting force of Nationalism.

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