What is Zionism?

The history of Zionism in the West is integral to a proper understanding of modern history.

It is essential for UPA members and the general public to have a clear understanding of this subject.

Zionism, put simply, is Jewish Nationalism through the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine called “Israel.”

The subject of Zionism is far from simple, and it affects every aspect of Western civilization.

The desire of the Jewish people in diaspora to return to Palestine has been a central topic of Jewish religion and culture ever since the Jews were driven out of the Holy Land in 70 A.D. by the Roman Empire.

For 1,878 years the Jewish people roamed the gentile lands as a nation without a homeland.

Periodically they would settle in different areas, and work to gain a foothold within the economies and governments of their host nations, but ultimately, they were driven out of every nation they came to occupy for a long laundry list of crimes.

The history of the Jews in the West is a long and complex story.

In this page we will briefly cover the history of contemporary Zionism, and its development as an influential political and religious movement in the West.

To understand Zionism, one must first have a familiarity with the history of one of the wealthiest family dynasties to ever exist, and in fact the wealthiest family by far in contemporary history.

The Rothschild family members are likely the world’s only trillionaires.

The Rothschild family is one of the single most important factors when studying the subject of Zionism, as they were responsible for spearheading the movement.

They hold the majority of the world’s wealth in their banks, and as a family they have personal assets in excess of one trillion US dollars.

However, since there are laws in many Western countries that specifically exempts them from audit, it is impossible to estimate their exact net worth.

Their name “Rothschild” actually mean “Red Shield,” which is represented as the red hexagram of the Zionist movement.

Fact: The “red shield” was rebranded as the blue six-pointed star of the Jewish state of Israel.

Most Westerners simply know this symbol as the “star of David,” however, there is no record of it ever being associated with King David; In fact, the six-pointed star holds deep occult significance of which most people are unaware.

There are Biblical and historical references to the six-pointed star being associated with a demonic god known as Moloch, or Lucifer.

The star was mentioned and condemned by the God of Israel in Amos 5:26 and it was called by Him, “the star of your god, ‘Moloch’ or otherwise called ‘Chiun’”.

Reference to Amos 5:26 was also made in Acts 7:42-44, where it is said that the Jews had turned to the worship of the “host,” which is the biblical term for the race of Angels and Demons also believed to be associated with the stars.

In Acts this star was called the Star of “Remphan,” and associated with the tabernacle of Moloch; The word “Remphan” is believed to be a later Greek translation word for “Chiun” or “Kewen” probably the Old Babylonian “Kayawanu,” the god associated with the planet Saturn.

The word “Saturn” is actually the Latinized version of an evil Titan god known as Chronos; It is interesting to note that the word Saturn is etymologically linked to the word Satan.

Saturn was seen by the ancients as the farthest planet away from the sun, hence existing in darkness, and being the antipode to the sun god.

Therefore the hexagram was the symbol for Saturn since it was the sixth planet away from the sun.

In the pseudepigraphal text (Jewish Apocrypha) “The Testament of Solomon,” it was written that Solomon used this symbol to command an army of demons; The text goes into grotesque detail about demonology.

This story of Solomon, the demon king was common in the Jewish occult traditions as well as Arabic magickal works.

It was the symbol Mayer Amschel Bauer used in Germany to identify his residence, consequently changing his family name to Rothschild, or “red shield,” and depicting the red hexagram hanging above his door; He later incorporated it into his family coat of arms.

Zionism began to take hold as an influential political movement in the late 18th century under the guidance of the Rothschilds.

As this family acquired their vast wealth during the 19th century, Zionism spread its influence throughout every Western institution from the church to the state and everything in between from media to finance.

The history of the Rothschilds is surprisingly well documented and publicly available information; In spite of their obvious conspiratorial agenda and high crimes, they appear to be above the law.

In fact, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the infamous founder of the dynasty, is famously quoted as saying, “permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!”

The Rothschilds finance the secret society known as the Bavarian Illuminati, whose agents went on with the agenda of their founder, even after his death, to continue funding Zionist organizations that would ignite the plan to create a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

This would eventually led to the occupation of Palestine by the state of Israel.

The Rothschilds accomplished all of this through a long and complex series of business deals and deceitful actions designed to enrich their family and give them control over the monetary systems of Western nations.

They established Central banks in Bavaria, England, France, and the Americas and received royal titles for doing so.

It is estimated that, by 1820, the Rothschilds controlled half of the western world’s wealth; Many economists have dubbed this period the beginning of the age of the Rothschild Empire.

Great economist Werner Sombart said, “There is only one power in Europe, and that is Rothschild”.

As a new century approached, the Zionists set their sights of their ancient enemy, the Christian Church.

They set out to gain support for the creation of a Jewish homeland by infiltration of the Church and the subversion of Christendom’s traditional stance on the Jews.

As their agent, they chose a disgraced minister and drunkard by the name of Cyrus Scofield, and offered to pay him large sums of money to put his name on an annotated version of the Holy Bible which spoke favorably about the Jews and gave a watered down and false interpretation of biblical scripture.

The New Testament is replete with its rebuking of Edomite Jews, so much so it’s hard to imagine how Christians were misled into abandoning an almost two millennia stance against the Jews and Judaism.

Rebuking of the Jews as blasphemers and Christ killers was once a central tenet of Christianity, yet it seems the Jews were quite successful at turning Christianity on its head through their clever manipulation of scriptural interpretation, and their control of mass media.

Attempts to convince the Christian church that Palestine is the home of Jews should’ve been put to an immediate end due to the fact that, in the Old Testament, Israel and Judah were two separate nations.

The Jewish infiltration of the Vatican was also crucial to expanding their lies.

The Jewish Encyclopedia (Vol. 2, p. 497) admits that “A number of Catholics undertook to organize a competitor bank to rival the Rothschild power… sometime about 1820. The Rothschild’s crushed it.”

It continues: “It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are the guardians of the papal treasure.” 

As the Rothschild dominance of the media and influence in religion and politics grew, they hatched a plan to take over the monetary system of the United States.

In 1913, the Rothschild bankers led the establishment of the Federal Reserve; This led to the implementation of fiat currency in the United States, enslaving the nation to perpetual debt.

At the time, the Rothschild’s personal treasury was assessed to be over two billion dollars, the equivalent of nearly 40 billion dollars today.

When the Federal Reserve act was signed, the Rothschild’s came to control the majority of wealth within the Christian western world.

They operate by the same principals as the Jewish usurers of the middle ages, using money that does not belong to them to provide loans at interest, thus creating wealth from nothing.

While they were engineering the circumstances which led to the Great Depression as a means of gaining total control of the American banking institutions, the Rothschild’s also set their sights on Russia.

Following a failure during the Congress of Vienna to secure the support of the Russia’s Tsar Alexander I, the Rothschilds were instrumental in inciting and funding the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

Marxism in Russia, international capitalism in the West, and influence over the Christian Church were the tools which would eventually lead the Rothschilds to global domination.

While pursuing their ambitions abroad, the Rothschilds were advancing the Zionist agenda through the British government.

In a letter dated November 2, 1917 from the UK Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Walter Rothschild, the UK declared its support for the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine, which was at the time an Ottoman region with a small minority Jewish population.

This letter became known as the Balfour Declaration.

The Balfour Declaration was later incorporated into both the Sèvres peace treaty with the Ottoman Empire, and the Mandate for Palestine, and began the protected migration of European Jews into their long lost “promised” land.

This is how we arrived at the modern era which set the stage for the great wars of the 20th century.

World War I was a disaster for Germany.

The puppet government installed after the war and the unfair Treaty of Versailles put a stranglehold on the Germany economy through currency manipulation, the payment of war reparations, and the seizing of land and critical industries and infrastructure.

The Weimar years of Germany subjected the German population to unparalleled economic hardships, combined with the effort of the Jewish establishment to demoralize the German population by introducing all manner of moral decadence, and the destruction of traditional values through the introduction of pornography and addictive drugs.

The social decay that Weimar Germany experienced during these years of exploitation took a huge toll on the German national spirit.

However, this all began to change in 1933 with the election of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany.

At the time of Adolf Hitler’s election, the Rothschilds and Jewish-owned banks had subjected Germany to decades of economic hardships.

These culminated in a period of hyperinflation in 1931, in which the German people famously had to race home from work to purchase bread as their purchasing power quickly dwindled.

The global Jewish establishment conspired to rob the German people of their wealth through runaway inflation in the payment of war debt, which cause their economy to collapse.

This effectively made the German currency worthless; The common man watched helplessly as his life savings dwindled and his lifetime of hard work amounted to nothing.

Upon his election, Hitler instituted a new state-controlled fiat currency that was non-inflationary and not tied to the value of Jewish gold, but to the value of German labor.

He used this “Labor Treasury Note” to fund public works programs and put the unemployed German public back to work rebuilding and expanding German infrastructure.

By creating a state-controlled fiat, he took the economic power away from the Jewish bankers.

Hitler’s election and his economic plan was of great concern to world Jewry.

They responded just 19 days after the election by declaring a global economic war on Germany; Jewish bankers and merchants implemented boycotts and trade embargos on German goods.

In spite of the organized Jewish effort to further bankrupt Germany, Hitler’s efforts succeeded in healing the German economy in less than four years.

While the rest of Western nations were still suffering the effects of the Great Depression, Germany went from being the most destitute nation in Europe to the richest.

The success of the National Socialist economic program was so profound that Hitler was recognized as Time magazine’s “Man of the Year” one year before the Allies declared war on Germany.

Hitler’s economic success was a tremendous threat to the Rothschild’s plan to control the economies of the world, as it provided a precedent for other nations to follow.

Hitler and the German fascists mounted the only real resistance to the Rothschild’s schemes of world domination.

Hitler responded to the Jewish economic war by seizing the Rothschild banks and all of their assets in Germany.

Later, Hitler became the only world leader to ever jail a Rothschild when he arrested Baron Louis de Rothschild in Vienna and seized his bank and all of his assets.

Rothschild was only released after the payment of the largest ransom in world history. Later, after capturing France, the Third Reich seized Rothschild banks and assets in Paris.

Much has been written about this conflict and most of what we have been taught as postwar Westerners has been a series of unsubstantiated lies meant to demonize the German fascists so that there will never be a repeat of the German economic and social programs.

It wasn’t until after the great resistance against the Jewish bankers by the Germans in World War II that the grand vision of the Rothschild Zionists came to fruition.

The defeat of the Third Reich in 1945 and the creation of the UN set the stage for the fulfillment of their plans for a Jewish homeland.

In 1948, the Jewish settlements in Palestine and the UN partition plan were officially recognized as a Jewish state and given official support by the Allied powers.

Since then, these occupiers have broken every treaty they have agreed to, have engaged in a campaign of genocide against the indigenous Palestinians, and waged war upon war against their neighbors in the Middle East.

The ultimate goal of the Zionists in waging these wars is to control and eventually claim all of the land between the upper Euphrates River and the Nile River; This is known as the “Yinon Plan” of “Greater Israel Plan”.

This plan is based off of the false Zionist idealism concerning the biblical “Promised Land” that modern Jews claim is theirs by divine right, as it was promised to Abraham’s descendants, Israel, by God in Genesis 15: 18.

The Israeli occupation and their benefactors in the West have engaged in over half a century of wars in the Middle East.

Many of these have been shadow wars and proxy wars whereby Israel has instigated the support of their more powerful allies like the US to project force on their behalf, or created proxy armies to fight for their interests.

This provides plausible deniability and allows Israel to deflect responsibility for their war crimes.

Any time a UN member state attempts to hold Israel to account for its war crimes, the US uses its leverage as a permanent member of the UN Security Council to veto any sanctions.

The US thereby functions as a slave-state to Israel, its “greatest ally.”

Furthermore, Israel has engaged in massive espionage campaigns, not only against their enemies but against their allies.

Israeli spies have been implicated in numerous instances of academic espionage against the US and other Western allies, and have used their leverage as the hidden hand controlling the media, politics, and economies of the world to force their oft-reluctant allies to do their bidding in the Middle East.

They have even managed to get top ranking military officials and Presidents to look the other way after committing what under normal circumstances would be considered acts of war, such as the Lavon Affair and the attack on the USS Liberty.

Likewise, the most powerful government in the world continually allows Israel to commit acts of espionage against them with impunity, losing its nuclear and surveillance secrets to Israeli spies.

The Zionist Occupational Government is a great threat to the sovereignty of every nation, but particularly the sovereignty of nations within the Occident.

The Rothschild dynasty is the top of the pyramid of influential Jewish Zionist families, but Zionism is a serpent with many heads.

Take out one of its heads, and there are many more to keep the body of the serpent alive.

As members of the UPA, we must work tirelessly to identify, study, track, and expose the criminal families and organizations working to promote the interests of the Zionists.

We must rebuke them with all of our being, first by doing God’s work to cleanse the Christian churches of the Zionist disease that has infected and corrupted them.

Second, we must expose their crafty plots to the world, so that people are at least armed with the truth concerning Zionism (Jewish Supremacy).

If Jews weren’t so entangled in the affairs of other races and nations, they might actually garner support from the Nationalists of other cultures, but they have proven over the millennia that they are only capable of lies.

As Christ said to the Jews in John 8:44:

“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”


Speak openly with your friends and family about Zionism.

Share this article far and wide!

Speak with members of your church and inform them about what is happening to Christendom.

Unite and stand against all Zionist institutions.



-Father Orion