The Drug Epidemic

As we all know, drugs have become widely available across the country.

Drugs affect every community across America no matter how rich, poor, or safe they may seem.

In fact, we probably all know someone who has struggled with drug addiction at some point in their lives, or who has been tragically taken from us by overdose.

This sad reality is one that we face on a daily basis, and it seems there is no where to hide from it.

Drugs are killing the youth.

Countless young adults & teens have lost their lives to drug overdose, but this does not mean that all were “drug addicts”.

Many of these kids who overdose simply end up at the wrong place, and with the wrong crowd of people, which leads to them wanting to try drugs for the first time.

Peer pressure to take drugs at a party, or friends house can ultimately end in a child being robbed of a full life.

It only takes one time for overdose to kill; the first time could very well be the last.

With the help of Hollywood movies, and Music videos depicting drug usage or sales as “the cool thing to do”, young teens fall into the trap of getting high.

It usually starts with smoking Marijuana, but this slippery slope can lead to more extreme drug use if not monitored.

Although Marijuana can have many positive health effects when used responsively in a medical setting, it is undoubtedly marketing towards the younger crowd, and easily accessible.

Marijuana has proven to be a “gateway drug” when used before the age of 23, so we advise parents to avoid letting their children be around it.


The overwhelming majority of drug related deaths are males, and surprisingly, there is also a proven correlation between intelligence and opioid use.

What this means is there is a mass genocide of intelligent men who are being beaten down by the current governmental system.

Many people in modern America hate their life because they find no meaning or purpose.

They believe that they don’t have any future here, and that they will never amount to any success in this lifetime.

With so much negativity, blatant hypocrisy, and absolute insanity happening all around us, it is clear why so many have given up hope.

The government provides no helpful solutions to any of the problems we face, because the government is the direct cause of all the problems.

Our broken nation looses some of the best men, but not enough people care to do anything about it…

Almost 100% of all drugs in America come from across the southern border.

The Mexican Cartel drug mules have an extremely high success rate with bringing in such poisons, due to the fact that most of our border is widely unprotected.

These criminal thugs traffic in everything from cocaine to heroin, but the most dangerous killer of our time is called Fentanyl.

Fentanyl is becoming the most popular substance to mix in with other drugs; this is because of its low cost, and its ability to pack a punch.

Even the lowest dosage of Fentanyl can prove to be lethal.

Fentanyl can make the effects of low quality counterfeit pills stronger, therefore make them seem more legitimate.

For these reasons it is now the favored choice of most drug dealers trying to maximize their profits.

Everyone deserves to be warned about this killer, because it is literally making its way into every kind of drug, including marijuana.

The UPA has worked with an organization called p-a-i-n (Parents Against Illicit Narcotics) to spread awareness of the drug crisis occurring in America.

p-a-i-n was founded by a brave mother who experienced the horrifying loss of her daughter to drug overdose.

Our common goal is to one day have a safer country that is free from the poisons that kill our friends, and family members.

We believe that one life lost to narcotics is too many…

We want to see a nation reborn into health, & happiness, while people receive the help they need.

If you or anyone you know is struggling with addiction, thoughts of suicide, or the loss of a loved one, please feel free to contact us.

Email: [email protected]

For immediate recovery help, click here.

The UPA does not endorse the usage of pharmaceutical prescription pills; natural healing is proven to be more effective, and safer in the long term.

The UPA does not endorse seeking help from United States government organizations; do not be afraid to talk to your friends and family about your addiction, or thoughts of suicide.

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