The New World Order

People often quote the “New World Order” in reference to the puppet masters working behind the scenes of our undoing; this is not a theory, but it is most definitely a conspiracy.

The New World Order (N.W.O.) is a very real plan to create a one world government.

This plan is devised by corrupt, ultra-wealthy billionaires attempting to empower themselves with worldwide control through media driven brainwashing and misinformation, monopolization of market, replacement immigration, debt enslavement, & removal of individual human rights.

They will use pandemic scams such as the COVID-Hoax, climate change scams such as the global warming hoax, false flag terrorism, & the boogieman of “racism” as premise for their strict lockdown policies to track and regulate everyone’s movement.

For a more in depth look of the sinister truth behind the COVID hoax and the “vaccine” click here.

To effectively resist this tyranny by freeing ourselves from the clutches of the globalist elite within America, we must carefully examine the details of who is running the operation, who is knowingly participating, and who is indirectly aiding the agenda.

There are many different groups conspiring in this Global takeover, but the obvious Jewish domination of this movement cannot be overlooked.

No matter where you turn when searching for truth, Jews will be present within the upper ranks, carrying pockets full of gold and a mouth full of lies.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this informational page will expose the Jewish supremacy that rules the New World Order, and those collaborators working along side them.

It should be noted that not all Jews are apart of the N.W.O. agenda but Jews are raised to remain loyal to the Jewish tribe, therefore we must seriously question their intentions towards us.

The Jews know that money rules the world, and that specific reason is why they have entrenched themselves in positions of extreme financial power.

Having such money grants them a form of immunity from their actions, and that is why their crimes against humanity go completely unpunished.

Jewish bankers print money at heavily-armed & guarded Federal Reserve Bank buildings throughout the U.S. then loan the money to the US government with interest.

According to Article I, Section 8 of the U. S. Constitution, only Congress has the right to issue money and regulate its value; but because influential Jews like Paul Warburg and Jacob Schiff bribed into enactment the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the stockholders of the Federal Reserve Bank were to be kept a secret.

Globalist Jews control the world’s monetary supply, and without the Federal Reserve, their ability to create money out of thin air in America would not exist.

They use their billions to fund political campaigns on BOTH sides of the political isle, and also use the cover of “lobbying” to literally bribe other politicians into passing legislation in their favor.

The following list will reveal the Jewish dominance of American mega-banks, investment companies, and finance which should prove to anyone with an open mind that Jews literally control America.

$1.) Rothschild & Co.

A multinational investment bank and financial services company, and controls Rothschild banking businesses in France and continental Europe; It is also known to serve as the advisor and lender to governments and major corporations.

The (Jewish) Rothschild family was well known during the 19th century, for having possessed the largest private fortune in the world; over half of the world’s wealth belonged to them.

The family wealth was distributed to its decedents, where they used such money to establish banks all over the world; they no longer keep official records of their wealth, but it is estimated to be worth well over $500 billion – $3 tillion.

The Rothschild family funded John D. Rockefeller who was considered “the wealthiest man of all time” & JP Morgan (both prominent figures in the creation of the Federal Reserve).

The actual number of banks owned by the family are unknown, but they currently control over 160 central banks across the world.

They have a huge influence over world finances and that influence is rooted deep in America as well.

Baron David René James de Rothschild- French banker, Supervisory Board Chairman of Rothschild & Co, chairman of the Governing Board of the World Jewish Congress, (the international Jewish organization representing Jewish communities in 100 countries).

  • Edmond de Rothschild Group – A financial institution specialized in private banking and asset management.

Baroness Ariane de Rothschild – French banker, & president of the board of the Edmond de Rothschild Group.

  • RIT Capital Partners plc – Formerly Rothschild Investment Trust, is a large British investment trust dedicated to investments in quoted securities and quoted special situations.

Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild- British banker, Chairman of RIT, also honorary president of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research.

Éric Alain Robert David de Rothschild – A French banker.

Nathaniel Philip Rothschild- British financier.

Sir Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild -British financier

David Mayer de Rothschild- British ecologist, and environmentalist, and head of Sculpt the Future Foundation, a charity that supports innovations and creativity in social and environmental impact efforts.

Emma Georgina Rothschild– British economic historian, and also the director of the Joint Centre for History and Economics at Harvard University / honorary Professor of History and Economics at the University of Cambridge. She formerly served as Board Member of United Nations Foundation.

$2.) Goldman, Sachs.

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is a leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm; It is considered a systemically important bank by the Financial Stability Board.

Several former employees of Goldman Sachs have moved on to work in government positions.

Notable examples include former U.S. Secretaries of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin (Jewish), & Robert Rubin (Jewish); U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Gary Gensler (Jewish); former chief economic advisor Gary Cohn (Jewish); In addition, former Goldman employees have headed the New York Stock Exchange, the London Stock Exchange Group, the World Bank, and competing banks such as Citigroup and Merrill Lynch.

David M. Solomon – (Jewish) CEO of Goldman Sachs.

Lloyd Blankein – (Jewish) Senior chairman of Goldman Sachs.

$3.) Black Rock.

BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager, with US$9.46 trillion in assets under management as of 2021.

Larry Fink & Robert S. Kapito – (Jewish) founders of Black Rock.

$4.) J.P. Morgan Chase.

JPMorgan Chase is the largest bank in the United States, the world’s largest bank by market capitalization, and the fifth-largest worldwide in terms of total assets, controlling US$3.684 trillion.

Jamie Dimon- (Jewish) CEO of J.P. MorganChase.

Jacob A. Frenkel – (Jewish) Chairman of JPMorgan Chase International.

$5.) Lazard.

A financial advisory and asset management firm that engages in investment banking, asset management and other financial services, primarily with institutional clients.

It is the world’s largest independent investment bank, with principal executive offices in New York City, Paris and London.

Kenneth M. Jacobs – (Jewish) CEO of Lazard.

$6.) Bloomberg L.P.

A privately held financial, software, data, and media company; it provides financial software tools and enterprise applications such as analytics and equity trading platform, data services, and news to financial companies and organizations.

  • Bloomberg Philanthropies – Focuses its resources on five areas: the environment, public health, the arts, government innovation and education.

Michael Bloomberg- (Jewish) Founder / CEO of Bloomberg L.P. & Bloomberg Philanthropies.

$7.) Citigroup.

Citigroup is the third largest banking institution in the United States; It is considered a systemically important bank by the Financial Stability Board and is commonly cited as being too big to fail.

It is one of the nine global investment banks in the Bulge Bracket.

Sanford I. Weill – (Jewish) Founder of Citigroup.

$8.) Wells Fargo.

The company has operations in 35 countries with over 70 million customers globally; It is considered a systemically important financial institution by the Financial Stability Board.

Charles Scharf – (Jewish) CEO of Wells Fargo.

$9.) KKR & Co. Inc.

An American global investment company that manages multiple alternative asset classes, including private equity, energy, infrastructure, real estate, credit, and, through its strategic partners, hedge funds.

As of December 31, 2021, assets under management and fee paying assets under management were $471 billion and $357 billion, respectively.

Henry Kravis – (Jewish) CEO & Founder of KKR.

$10.) The Blackstone Group.

Blackstone’s private equity business has been one of the largest investors in leveraged buyouts in the last three decades, while its real estate business has actively acquired commercial real estate; As of 2020, the company’s total assets under management were approximately $619 billion.

Stephen A. Schwarzman – (Jewish) CEO of Blackstone Group.

$11.) Renaissance Technologies LLC.

The firm is regarded as the most successful hedge fund in the world; Their signature Medallion fund is famed for the best record in investing history.

James Simons – (Jewish) Founder of Renaissance Technologies.

$12.) Millennium Management.

The firm is one of the world’s largest alternative asset management firms with over $50 billion assets under management.

Israel Englander – (Jewish) Founder & President of Millennium Management.

$13.)Elliott Investment Management.

An American investment management firm that is also one of the largest activist funds in the world.

Paul Singer – (Jewish) founder, president and co-CEO of Elliott Management.

$14.) Farallon Capital .

An American investment firm that manages capital on behalf of institutions and individuals.

Tom Steyer – (Jewish) Founder of Farallon Capital.

There are many other Jewish companies involved with billions of dollars combined, but the list is far too extensive to include on this page alone; you get the picture.

Other major finance businesses that are not controlled by Jews, are run by Jewish-collaborating “Catholics” such as:

James P. Gorman- (Crypto-Jew) CEO of Morgan Stanley.

Brian Moynihan – (Crypto-Jew) CEO Bank of America.

What is suspicious about Catholics working with Jews?

-keep reading to see more.

However you crunch the numbers, Jews (accounting for about 2% of the American population) are vastly overrepresented within the top 1% of America’s wealthiest, and most powerful people.

Not only do Jews control our countries finances, they have entrenched themselves within our must critical institutions to gain top secret insider information.

The Jewish influence over, and within Washington D.C. stems back to before WW1, but today that influence is covered across every aspect of our government.

The CIA, U.S. Military, and media has been a crucial tool for the Jewish N.W.O.

Over the years there have been many top Jewish Generals in the United States military present during every single war we have fought.

Jews are in charge of the CIA, as they control the Presidential Cabinet.

The CIA falls under the Director of National Intelligence.

Avril Haines – (Jewish) Director of National Intelligence.

David Cohen – (Jewish) Deputy Director of the CIA.

By spying on the population and through unethical experimentation, the CIA has collected a vast amount of intelligence to determine human behavior, control how people think, feel, or act to a certain degree.

Brainwashing is done by deploying such collected intel in a way that influences people the most (through entertainment, news, school, and business).

  • MK Ultra.

It has already been exposed that the CIA is responsible for conducting illegal human experimentation programs intended to develop methods to manipulate its subjects’ mental states and brain functions, such as the covert administration of high doses of psychoactive drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals, electroshocks, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, and verbal and sexual abuse, in addition to other forms of torture.

The mind control program is still in operation today, and it is being utilized to manipulate the unsuspecting general population.

Sidney Gottlieb – (Jewish) American chemist and spymaster who headed the Central Intelligence Agency’s 1950s and 1960s assassination attempts and mind-control program, known as Project MKUltra.

The coordinated effort of both the Jewish controlled media and Jewish controlled Hollywood in America heavily influences the people into believing a plethora of lies and propaganda.

The Jewish media is the only reason people believe in large scale N.W.O. hoaxes, and besides anecdotal talking points the news provides people with nothing but stories to trigger their irrational emotional response.

The Jews have used false flag events propagated by their media, to push our brave men in the Military to fight and die for Jewish wars since WW1.

Both World Wars were used to mass genocide White men, and to create/ advance the ethnostate of Israel, which would also allow Israel’s entry into the United Nations.

The Vietnam War was contrived almost solely for the purpose of distracting and killing White American men so as to enable Communist Jews to take over America more completely in their absence, and also as a part of a larger effort to slowly exterminate the White race.

The War in the middle east was started by 9-11, which was a false flag event devised by Jews to convince Americans to fight against Muslims; the plan was to wipe out Muslim Militants who threatened Jewish control in the Middle East, and to use the 9-11 event as grounds for more global surveillance and removal of freedoms.

Ever wonder why no politician ever dares to speak about any of these topics?

The most powerful lobbying group in America is AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and the all-Jewish deep state lobby owns every politician in Washington.

As of 2021, there are 10 Jewish senators and 27 Jewish members of the House of Representatives serving in the United States Congress.

Every president, Democrat or Republican, submits to the bidding of Jews.

The Vatican is controlled by Jews.

Jewish infiltration of the Vatican stems back many hundreds of years, so it is safe to say that the Jews have a strong vice-grip over that institution, from the inside out.

This would explain why Jews and traitorous “Catholics” have such a close business relationship throughout the inner works of the New World Order.

One of the most blatant examples of the Jewishness of the Vatican is the fact that the Pope himself wears a Yarmulke.

The Pope has officially stated: Jew’s don’t need Christ to be saved.

The Rothschilds also control the Vatican treasury:

The Jewish Encyclopedia (Vol. 2, p. 497) admits that…

“A number of Catholics undertook to organize a competitor bank to rival the Rothschild power… sometime about 1820. The Rothschild’s crushed it.”

It says further:

“It is a somewhat curious sequel to the attempt to set up a Catholic competitor to the Rothschilds that at the present time (1905) the latter are the guardians of the papal treasure.” 

The fake pope uses his influence to convince Catholic Christians that they must change the climate to prevent “global warming”, that there must be no border walls “to hide behind” in any country, that they must take an experimental vaccine for a fake virus hoax instead of trusting in God, and most of all that they must “coexist” with the Jewish tribe who are proud to have killed the Christian savior Jesus Christ.

Other Key organizations.

There is a complex network of organizations, both publicly, and secretly working with the N.W.O. for complete control of all people.

These organizations are working to push the same narratives in order to make unpopular ideas seem more “innovative”.

The elite gather together to discuss their plans of “social justice reform”, clean energy, forcing the world to be vaccinated, mass immigration, world wide communism, and many more ideas they claim to be for the betterment of mankind.

It should draw no surprise that the most powerful of these organizations are controlled by Jews, followed by supposed “Catholics” who follow the fraudulent Vatican.

1.) World Economic Forum.

The foundation, which is mostly funded by its 1,000 member companies – typically global enterprises with more than five billion US-Dollar in turnover – as well as public subsidies, views its own mission as “improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other leaders of society to shape global, regional, and industry agendas”.

This is one of the main meeting places for everyone involved in the N.W.O. to openly discuss their plans in hopes of gaining more public support.

Klaus Schwab- (Jewish) Founder of World Economic Forum.

Henry Kissinger– (Jewish mentor of Klaus) shared his diagnostic view of the COVID-19 pandemic, saying that it threatens the “liberal world order”.

Kissinger added that the virus does not know borders although global leaders are trying to address the crisis on a mainly national basis; he stressed that the key is not a purely national effort but greater international cooperation.

2.) Open Society Foundations.

Open Society Foundations financially support civil society groups around the world, with a stated aim of advancing justice, education, public health and “independent media”.

As of March 2021, George Soros (founder) had a net worth of US$8.6 billion, having donated more than $32 billion to the Open Society Foundations.

This is one of the main organization donating to N.W.O. pawns such as Antifa, BLM, and online influencers.

George Soros- (Jewish) Founder of Open Society Foundations.

3.) Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

is an international Jewish non-governmental organization based in the United States; its mission is twofold: “To stop the defamation of the Jewish people, and to secure justice and fair treatment to all,” via the development of “new programs, policies and skills to expose and combat whatever holds us back.”

This is the main organization combating any, and all criticisms of the Jewish tribe, while persecuting anyone who exposes the fact that Jews control America.

Jonathan Greenblatt- (Jewish) CEO of ADL.

4.) World Jewish Congress.

an international federation of Jewish communities and organizations; according to its mission statement, the World Jewish Congress’ main purpose is to act as “the diplomatic arm of the Jewish people.”

This is where all the top Jews of the world come together.

Ronald Lauder- (Jewish) President of World Jewish Congress.

5.) Human Rights Watch.

The group pressures governments, policy makers, companies, and individual human rights abusers to denounce abuse and respect human rights, and the group often works on behalf of refugees, children, migrants, and political prisoners.

This is one of the main organizations working on replacing Americans with immigrants of the 3rd world.

Read more about replacement immigration here.

Kenneth Roth- (Jewish) Executive Director of Human Rights Watch.

6.) Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Since its founding, CSIS “has been dedicated to finding ways to sustain American prominence and prosperity as a force for good in the world”, according to its website; ranked number one think tank in the United States and number 4 think tank in the world.

Thomas Pritzker- (Jewish) Chairman, Board of Trustees.

7.) Council on Foreign Relations.

A United States nonprofit think tank specializing in U.S. foreign policy and international affairs, which numbers over 5,103 members, has included membership from senior politicians, secretaries of state, CIA directors, bankers, lawyers, professors, and senior media figures.

CFR meetings convene government officials, global business leaders and prominent members of the intelligence and foreign-policy community to discuss international issues.

Richard N. Haass- (Jewish) President of Council on Foreign Relations.

8.) Larry Ellison Foundation/ Oracle corporation.

an American multinational computer technology corporation; in 2020, Oracle was the second-largest software company in the world by revenue and market capitalization.

Larry Ellison- (Jewish) Founder of Ellison Foundation / Oracle corporation.

9.) Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s main areas of work include Science, Education, and Justice and Opportunity, which focuses on promoting housing affordability, criminal justice reform, and immigration reform.

Mark Zuckerberg- (Jewish) Founder of Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

10.) Blinderberg Group.

The group’s agenda, originally to prevent another world war, is now defined as bolstering a consensus around free market Western capitalism and its interests around the globe; there is no official membership but participants include political leaders, experts from industry, finance, academia, and the media.

This is one of the biggest “secret meetings” held by the N.W.O.

Victor Halberstadt- (Jewish) Co-Chair of the Steering Committee.

11.) Freemasons.

A fraternal organization where the private meetings are held in Masonic Lodges, which has locations across the world; these private Lodges are usually supervised at the regional level (usually coterminous with a state, province, or national border) by a Grand Lodge or Grand Orient; Lodges are organs of Jewish Communism.

what the Jews have to say about THEIR ownership of Freemasonry:

Albert Pike 33 degree Mason (Scottish rite of freemasonry: “The third World War must be fomented between the Christians and the Islamic world. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and Christianity mutually destroy each other leaving the political Zionists in control.”

THE JEWISH TRIBUNE, New York, Oct. 28, 1927, Cheshvan 2, 5688, Vol. 91, No. 18:  “Masonry is based on Judaism.  Eliminate the teachings of Judaism from the Masonic ritual and what is left?”

LA VERITE ISRAELITE, Jewish paper 1861, IV, page 74:  “The spirit of Freemasonry is the spirit of Judaism in its most fundamental beliefs; it is its ideas, its language, it is mostly its organization, the hopes which enlighten and support Israel.  It’s crowning will be that wonderful prayer house of which Jerusalem will be the triumphal centre and symbol.”

LE SYMBOLISM, July, 1928:  “The most important duty of the Freemason must be to glorify the Jewish Race, which has preserved the unchanged divine standard of wisdom.  You must rely upon the Jewish race to dissolve all frontiers.

AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FREEMASONRY, Philadelphia, 1906:  “Each Lodge is and must be a symbol of the Jewish temple; each Master in the Chair, a representative of the Jewish King; and every Mason a personification of the Jewish workman.”

MANUAL OF FREEMASONRY, by Richard Carlile:  “The Grand Lodge Masonry of the present day is wholly Jewish.”

THE FREEMASON, April 2, 1930, quoting Br. Rev. S. McGowan:  “Freemasonry is founded on the ancient law of Israel.  Israel has given birth to the moral beauty which forms the basis of Freemasonry.”

Rabbi Br. Isaac Wise, in The Israelite of America, March 8, 1866:  “Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.”

Benjamin Disraeli, Jew, Prime Minister of England, in The Life of Lord George Bentick:  “At the head of all those secret societies, which form provisional governments, men of the Jewish race are to be found.”

LATOMIA, a German Masonic journal, Vol. 12, July 1849, Page 237: “We cannot help but greet socialism (Marxism – Communism) as an excellent comrade of Freemasonry for ennobling mankind, for helping to further human welfare.  Socialism and Freemasonry, together with Communism are sprung from the same source.”

BERNARD STILLMAN, Jew, in Hebraic influences on Masonic Symbolism, 1929, quoted The Masonic News, London:  “I think I have proved sufficiently that Freemasonry, as what concurs symbolism, lays entirely on a formation which is essentially Jewish.”

O.B. Good, M.A. in The Hidden Hand of Judah, 1936:  “The influence of the Jewish Sanhedrin is today more powerful than ever in Freemasonry.”

JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA, 1903, Vol, 5, page 503:  “The technical language, symbolism and rites of Freemasonry are full of Jewish ideas and terms . . . In the Scottish Rite, the dates on official documents are given according to the era and months of the Jewish calendar, and use is made of the Hebraic alphabet.”

B’NAI B’RITH MAGAZINE, Vol. 13, page 8, quoting rabbi and mason Magnin:  “The B’nai B’rith are but a makeshift.  Everywhere that Freemasonry can admit that it is Jewish in its nature as well as in its aims, the ordinary lodges are sufficient for the task.

Please Note:  The ADL (Anti-Defamation League) of B’nai B’rith is a totally Jewish controlled organization with its main goal to destroy Christianity.

(Also, the B’nai B’rith form a super-Masonic lodge where no “Gentiles” are admitted.)

TRANSACTIONS OF THE JEWISH HISTORICAL SOCIETY  Vol. 2, p 156: “The Coat of Arms used by the Grand Lodge of England is entirely composed of Jewish symbols.

The N.W.O agendas are very clear:

  • Multiculturalism
  • Replacement immigration
  • Divide & conquer
  • Anti-Christianity
  • Anti-WHITE
  • Mass drug addiction & overdose
  • LGBT perversion
  • Child grooming
  • Pedophilia acceptance
  • Forced vaccinations
  • Fraudulent science based control
  • Chemical warfare
  • Bio-engineered medicine
  • Misinformation propoganda
  • Emotional manipulation
  • Family destruction
  • Destruction of middle-class
  • Marxism/ Communism
  • Satanic religion
  • Etc.

First and foremost, Americans must resist Jewish supremacy at all costs in order to survive as a people.

If you are a Jew and oppose Jewish supremacy, you must completely separate yourself from the Jewish tribe.

The time has come for Americans to sever all ties of foreign and alien influence, for only then will we experience the freedom to live a self determined life of American unity.

The Jewish-controlled “ethnic cleansing” of White countries such as America, has occurred dramatically over the course of about a single human life-span, which means we can reverse the damage that has been done if we unite.

Whites are becoming a smaller minority of the world each year, with numbers dwindling to only 11% of the worlds population; Whites will eventually become minorities in all of their own homelands if drastic changes to reclaim their countries are not made.

The multiculturalism and diversification that has been forced onto the American people has destroyed the middle class, our ability to find jobs, and our ability to have a decent income; meanwhile the elite keep getting richer.

Americans have lost political control of the country to a group of people who HATE us!

The founding fathers of America certainly did not intend for us to be ruled by Jews, or to have America be inhabited by 3rd world people.

It is completely unserious to suggest that the First Amendment applies to Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, or Satanism; It was applied to the fact that America had multiple Christian faiths, and the Founding Fathers had bad experiences with Catholic run countries & the Church of England.

Also, The Declaration of Independence quote- “All men are created equal” is often misused when ripped from its historical context and cited in isolation, for it does appear to support the bizarre concept of an openness to all races in America.

This country was founded as an Ethnic Nationalist Country.

Before amendments were added to the constitution, and before laws changed, only White people could become citizens of America, own land, or vote.

Most of the founding fathers owned many slaves, and eventually agreed that if they should free the slaves, they would be returned back to Africa.

In today’s inverted America, even White Conservatives talk about how race isn’t important to them, and advocate for Magical Land Theory, along with Magical Principle Theory.

These preposterous theories state, that just because you were born on the magical soil of America, you instantly inherit certain qualities and metaphysically transform into an American; also, if a person waves an American flag or agrees to “democracy”, they somehow adopt American behavior, therefore becoming equal to all other Americans.

Throughout the entire history of the Aryan race, up until the Jewish invention of “White Guilt” was promoted in our society, white people had a strong belief that genetics were important to their identity.

Immigration is major play that is being used by the Jews to weaken America further.

Elite Jewish extremists want a one world government, which they control; this is easier to accomplish with numerous separate societies in a country, where people are not one cohesive society, but think of themselves as somehow being “American” while also being part of their separate ethnic society.

Based on what’s happening with illegal and legal immigration in the United States, Europe, Canada and Australia, White societies in the future may no longer exist, a major historic situation; due to massive legal immigration and illegal immigration these countries now have numerous separate societies (based on race), and are no longer cohesive countries.

We need to fight back!


Become leaders in your community by fighting for the basic human rights of true Americans.

Many people have become distracted and confused as to what is happening behind the curtains, so enlighten them with the indisputable facts.

Do not be afraid to voice the truth about the Jewish dominated New World Order.

Talk openly with your friends and family about your concerns for the white race, and for the future of America.

Rally behind the UPA movement to become advocates for the restoration of American government, society, and culture.

Consider officially joining the UPA Party to help us put the American government back into the hands of the true American people.