Ethno-pluralism is the key to form a mutual respect of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds throughout the world.

We must come to a mutual understanding that everyone has a birthright to live, unless their actions in later life prove them to be unworthy of a life amongst others.

The world is a diverse place indeed, and that is what makes it beautiful.

The only way to have true diversity is to let different cultures thrive on their own terms, free from foreign interference.

Once people learn to respect the boundaries, beliefs, and cultures of others, there will be no need for change or adaptation.

People will no longer be forced to “assimilate” or “co-exist” with things that are alien to them, If Ethnopluralism becomes widely accepted.

All countries would regain their sovereignty, and they would no longer be used by others for the exploitation of their natural resources.

This means that Africa is for Africans, Asia is for Asians, Europe, and America is for Europeans, and South America is for Latinos.

We should all be able to work together towards building world peace.

Ethnopularism is ultra-Nationalism!

If ethnopluralism is achieved, a people’s right to self determine what is in their best interest will be restored, so that they can provide a safe haven for future generations to come.

Every race of people should embrace who they are with open celebration of their ancestors achievements, and by striving to maintain a high level of racial consciousness amongst their own communities.

Being proud of one’s heritage, culture, and ethnic background does not mean one holds hatred, or resentment for others who are different than themselves- this should be commonly accepted by most people.

It should be not only respected, but admirable to see different races take such pride in what makes them unique, and therefore what makes them great.

One must do everything in their power to preserve their peoples way of life by having the unchangeable will to survive, especially when others are attempting to destroy or predominately change who they are.

Multiculturalism is the opposite of Ethnoplularism, and it begins with mass immigration.

Multiculturalism is an extremely dangerous fallacy presented as colorful array of diversified beauty.

The current mainstream media-monopoly will tell you that diversity and multiculturalism are one in the same.

In reality, multiculturalism divides & weakens ethnically sound countries, which leaves them vulnerable to a long list of problems, including being replaced by foreigners in their own homelands.

We are seeing this in European populations around the world, where countries are being flooded by millions of non-Europeans without the consent of the European people.

The narrative of “Immigrants & refugees” we hear about on TV, is merely a strategy to push the multicultural agenda upon us, and to make us feel sorry for those who arrive at our borders with hungry stomachs.

The Globalist Elite who control academia, the media, Hollywood, and big box corporations are obviously conspiring to push the multicultural agenda in order to create a one world government which they control.

One can easily come to such conclusions by simply listening to public talks given by the World Economic Forum.

All of the top business executives and world leaders attend the WEF to discuss their plans.

They are either completely unaware of the destructiveness caused by their actions, due to their lavish, and luxurious lifestyles of excess, or they are intentionally using their vast resources to cause more problems in our lives, in order gain more control & power.

Which sounds more likely?

Most of the extremely wealthy business people in the world often profit from times of war or unrest, because they are the people who have enough money to produce the supplies that are needed during such times.

We must realize that multiculturalism is a threat to world peace and family sanctity.

We can all agree that every people, and the culture that surrounds them, deserves to have a place where it is celebrated freely throughout the entirety of the land.

There cannot be a country of consolidated people while multiple cultures are existing within close proximity of each other.

Conflicts will always arise as the different cultures push for greater influence or acceptance, while resentment will remain within the hearts of people who are vastly different from one another.

If a European country loses its ethnic European majority, is the country still European?

Multiculturalism always leads to the utter destruction of one’s culture, and the re-writing of another’s history, in order to create a socially engineered self-identity that caters to the needs of the most influential.

If we are not allowed to express who we are, and if we are not allowed to live out own lives, we will never find true happiness; only temporary pleasures that will be used to drown out the internal voice of longing.

Even when a domesticated dog hears the call of the wild, something inside of him uncontrollably ignites, and for a moment he is free.

We all deserve to be free from the forced changes brought upon us by the global elite.

All people can unite to defeat the Globalists who want control over everything.

War has been waged on the people of the earth.

Don’t be used as a pawn in their corrupt game of world domination chess.

The Globalist enemy who wants to rule over everyone through debt enslavement, extreme poverty, digital tracking technology, and cultural perversion will not stop until we put an end to their reign.

It is absolutely crucial to have open minded conversations that point out such facts, so that we can find real solutions.

If we do not have these conversations, change will never come.


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