People should not hold on to a failed system based on familiarity.

Democracy was said to protect the people’s power & freedom by allowing them to vote on important matters, and by electing their favored political candidates to get the job done.

Unfortunately, this is not how Democracy turns out…

The founding fathers created the United States government to function as a Democratic-Republic, which was a mix between the two similar government structures.

This new system design was stable enough to work for a period of time, but eventually democracy lead us into the worst form of governmental tyranny history has ever known; think back to the worldwide COVID-scam.

We find countless historical references that tell us a comparable story, in that democracy always leads to some form of extreme tyranny.

The Founding fathers obviously had a much different vision in mind when comparing to modern day government, but still the idea itself was always flawed from the beginning for many reasons.

Democracy only works in a place where everyone is on the same page, and the population is relatively small; during the founding of the United States this was definitely the case, but today the story is much different.

As the population grows, so does the representative body, which creates a long and confusing process that makes it very difficult to accomplish anything in a reasonable amount of time.

Democracy can also easily lead to mob rule, where the 51% control the 49%; we have heard about this on many occasions, with the greatest example being the American Civil War.

The biggest problem with democracy is that as soon as someone with a bad idea becomes determined to make changes, there is nothing preventing them from doing so.

It can be very easy to manipulate public influence in order to change people’s perception, or cause them to make poor decisions; This is especially true when a person or group with tremendous wealth use such money to promote their agendas with paid promotions, and propaganda.

Due to the competitive nature of Democracy, where multiple parties are competing for power, it naturally becomes a servant of international financiers.

This means that a nation’s fate is placed in the hands of a small group of bankers.

Billionaires fund their favored candidate by financing their campaign, or by using the cover of “lobbying” to literally bribe politicians to carry out their bidding.

These puppet politicians take all the heat, while the real decision makers get away with crimes free of charge.

Simply conjure up enough money, blackmail enough people, or lie enough times to be elected, then suddenly you are in a position to make a lot of changes regardless of logic, truth, and morals.

Democracy basically means that whoever has the most power to shape the masses is king.

Democracy was supposed to be “the will of the people”, but instead lead us to “will of the rich elite FORCED onto the people”.

In the current system, the oligarchs, and technocrats in-charge are never held responsible for their rulings or actions.

With today’s internet capabilities, company owners can quite literally change how people think with the push of a button.

The companies that control internet search engines like Google, can control what people see, and therefore funnel the information available to most people.

They can easily promote lies as truth, they can show graphic or traumatizing images, they can take words out of context, and they can completely change the facts of a story – this can greatly influence how a person perceives the world around them.

The internet and media of today is completely one sided to the point of where people cannot fully make decisions based on hearing the facts of both sides of an issue.

If people read and hear the same thing repeated everywhere, regardless of it being true, odds are they’ll start believing it.

Democracy is built upon controlling people’s thoughts, and that is why free thinkers are demonized within the fragile confines of a democratic environment.

The system of democracy works perfectly in terms of isolating individuals to completely forfeit their true identity and power.

The agendas that are carried out are no longer about a nation, or its people, but instead about vague ideologies such as “equality”.

The best example being the vague ideology of “American freedom”.

We were told this country was made to be “Land of the Free”, but through the grey area of Western ignorance, evil slipped by and was also allowed to live completely free.

Thanks to democracy, Christians aren’t allowed to pray in school, and Christian motifs are banned from being displayed on government, or public land; meanwhile Jewish motifs are allowed to be on display.

Thanks to democracy, Satanic churches are being built and openly celebrated by the Devil’s followers.

Thanks to democracy, homosexuals, pedophiles, and people who pretend to be a different gender are allowed to marry, legally kidnap children, groom children into becoming homosexual, and host city wide events to display their abominable behavior to the public.

Thanks to democracy, European people are discriminated against, persecuted, and labeled as evil racist in a country their ancestors founded.

Thanks to democracy, communism is still alive and operating throughout the world.

With so many “benefits” stemming from Democracy, it’s easy to see why so many people want to dump the idea forever.

This is where freedom has lead us.

The hypocrisy of this country’s policies has kept us from thriving as a people, and furthermore keeps us from becoming a real nation with unifying principles.

Democracy tares apart traditions, devours culture, consumes the values of good people, and spits out new customs that are forced upon all.

Here is a bullet-point list that shows a few reasons as to why you should abandon democracy completely. 

  • Democracy usually leads to extreme forms of slavery.
  • Democracy usually leads to tyranny.
  • Democracy allows corruption to thrive.
  • It allows large corporations to install or bribe candidates.
  • It allows foreign interests to install or bribe candidates.
  • It allows popularity to thrive over qualification or experience.
  • It allows election fraud.
  • It allows replacement immigration to change voter demographics.
  • It allows the wealthy to dominate the middle and lower class.
  • It allows the politically ignorant to vote and run for office.
  • It allows foreigners who migrate to vote and run for office.
  • It allows extremists or the immoral to vote and run for office.
  • It allows media to lie and cover up stories.
  • It allows monopolies to take over the industry.
  • It allows government to funnel or withhold information.
  • It allows bad ideas to be promoted or installed.
  • It allows satanic religions to roam free.
  • It allows pornography to and the hyper-sexualization of the youth to be normalized.
  • It allows unwanted laws to be added, and much needed laws to be changed or removed.
  • It convinces most people to give over their power into the hands of the few.
  • It convinces people that the government will do everything for them.
  • It creates a dependence on voting to make changes, regardless of outcome.
  • Etc.

Based upon historical evidence along with modern day awareness, all people should come to the same conclusion that democracy is an unsustainable form of government that leaves the people absolutely helpless.

Democracy is an outdated idea with no clear lines, therefore corruption can easily overtake the entire system.

Ultimately democracy breeds infighting between peoples, and creates an “us vs them” mindset.

Even though the vote is an illusion of choice, people see their own neighbors as enemies, while the true enemy working behind the curtain has fooled them all.

The illusion of choice presented in a democracy gives people a false sense of importance and power, but little do most know that they are voting for the same criminal groups already holding power.

The government allows us to vote so that if the current candidate turns out to be a unfavorable, people assume that all we have to do is vote better in next election.

The people will donate their hard earned money to the same party that gave them empty promises last election, because there is simply no alternative and little hope for change.

With such a system, people will eventually lose their sense of true purpose, and along with it their happiness will slip away into the dark abyss of despair.

This comes from lack of leadership within a democracy, and the fact that it destroys people’s opinions, their fun, and their original way of life.

No longer can any sane person claim that “democracy is a free system of government”.

Democracy is about creating the illusion of freedom until someone presses the edges of the cage – then you find out you’re trapped in a cage.

We must break the cycle that democracy entraps us in by allowing a new form of government to rise; we the people must unite to bring forth a better system that will preserve our rights and our ability to create a brighter future for generations to come.

Democracy had its time on the center stage to prove its validity, but clearly it does not work in the long run.

Democracy is not bullet proof against the problems we now face, so we must not cling to a failing system simply because we are familiar with it.

When a government becomes tyrannical, corrupt, or does not serve the interests of the people, it is the people’s duty to throw off such a system, and lay the foundations for a new one.

We must organize with intention to discuss how we will build a new empire that will ensure peace, prosperity, and security is brought to our land.

Quitting democracy may not seem convenient, but it is absolutely necessary for the survival of America.