Democrats & Republicans

The Globalist Party.

The two party system of current American politics is a failed and outdated concept being held together by a false hope of Democracy.

The people of America must come to a healthy realization that both Republicans & Democrats are equally responsible for this country’s turmoil.

The constant tug of war in every political election leaves the people deceived and distracted as to what is happening behind the curtain.

Republicans and Democrats alike continue the “bread and circuses” act by creating the illusion of choice for most people who do not yet see through their lies.

Both sides continue to throw child like tantrums instead of solving any real issues; there is great immaturity and unseriousness amongst the two parties.

Political theater uses serious matters such as sexual allegations, and other blackmailing type material as mere cards to play when the timing is right; most of these “elected” politicians get caught in some sort of scandal after assuming office, but are never held accountable for their actions.

The American people are quite literally caught in the middle of choosing between the lesser of two evils / different sides to the same coin.

Democratic Socialism is most definitely the driving force of the left, and Conservatism is a disease that disables the right wing entirely.

The radical left is only able to succeed in their plans because of the pacified Conservatives who chose to complain rather than act.

The biggest problem of Conservatism is the fact that they believe the Democratic Communist, or left wing Satanists have some sort of American right to freely exercise the destruction of society, culture, and this entire country along with it.

Conservatives will often say “I don’t agree with you, but you’re free to do and be anything you want to be” (even if that includes being a traitorous enemy of the American people).

The Conservatives have absolutely no back bone to stop these leftists dead in their tracks, due to the fact that they are too afraid to offend anybody.

The Democrats continue to slowly change the fabric of this country by forcing social Marxism  and mass immigration upon us; meanwhile the Conservatives do nothing but point out the well-known hypocrisies of the left, and attempt to prove that Conservatism is the true champion of Democratic ideals.

We must remember that these two sides claim to be the sworn enemy of each other, yet they work in the same building everyday along side the opposite.

These political enemies are still friends at the end of the day who enjoy going out for drinks or playing golf together on the weekends.

Trump & Clinton playing golf.

To come to this conclusion people must examine the facts by using logic to explain how the situation came to be.

America is without a doubt heading towards complete destruction with these two parties recklessly in control.

The New World Order is here, and America is the leading contributor in their despicable agenda.

Obvious similarities of the two parties:

  • Both parties sell empty promises to their followers in exchange for donation money.
  • Both parties have “non-profit” organizations to be used for money laundering.
  • Both parties have the same website format.
  • Both parties talk about “white supremacy” or “racism” as being a real issue of concern.
  • Both parties promote some form of immigration & multicultural acceptance.
  • Both parties openly support and promote the normalization of the “LGBTQ community”.
  • Both parties are filled with wealthy politicians who are both greedy & corrupt.
  • Both parties receive contributions from Globalist billionaires & the Deep State lobby to do their bidding.
  • Both parties advocate for the Jewish ethnostate of Israel and its “bipartisan alliance with America”.
  • Both parties are equally involved in the COVID-19 hoax by wearing masks and promoting vaccines as “safe & effective”.
  • Both parties are involved with N.W.O. organizations such as the World Economic Forum.
  • Both parties commit TREASON on all levels.

When accurately compared, it is alarming to find how suspiciously similar the two parties are.

After all, the GOP had control of the white house from 2016-2020, but willingly handed over power back into the hands of Democrats after the fraudulent 2021 election, even after claiming that Democrats stole the election.

Are we supposed to believe after such an event, that the Conservatives are “fighting for us” when they never put up a fight beyond Fox news talking points and kangaroo court appeals?

If the GOP truly believes that the left is abusing power, committing illegal or unconstitutional acts, and directly causing the destruction of this country, then why don’t they gather their supporters in arms to swiftly take back the gov. by force?

The only fact keeping them from doing such is that they do not care about the people they claim to represent; they only care about themselves, and their pacifist image that gives them a feeling of being better than the rest.

As long as Conservatives have a mansion to go home to, and a job that gives them power over all people, they will never take action for the best interest of our country.

The Conservative and Libertarian way of thinking that includes absolute freedom for all, has allowed evil to live free among us as well; it has allowed evil to dominate us, and tyranny to reign unopposed.

The United States of America is not a serious country.


We must draw the line of freedom to determine where it should begin and where it ends; we should all know by now that freedoms are not free and most certainly come at a cost.

We must abandon the two party system that ruins America and divides the people further.

The purpose of Conservatism is to enable Liberalism.

We must embrace true American Nationalism by uniting the American people to reclaim what is rightfully ours.

We must unite the states to form a powerful nation that has one leading party, which is made by the people, and for the people.

Elect the UPA to end Gov. corruption once and for all!