The Vax

We must fight against current & future vaccine mandates at all costs.

The COVID-19 pandemic scam has been the greatest government crackdown in human history.

The “Coronavirus Pandemic” and all the measures taken by governments worldwide was planned from the start, which obviously means the whole thing is a lie.

Without a single shred of evidence, the media randomly started reporting on the spread of a supposed “new virus from China”, which turns out to be nothing more than a rebranding of the common cold or flu.

With mass panic caused by the Jewish-controlled news media, the United States government shut down the economy to destroy small businesses.

This lead to the largest transfer of wealth, (in other words theft or fraud) ever perpetuated on mankind; the rich elite gained trillions of dollars while most of the middle class lost nearly everything.

The United States government used corrupt scientists to push their narrative in support of mask wearing mandates across the country.

“2 weeks to flatten the curve” turned into 2 years of non stop media harassment, and eventually vaccine mandates.

People’s lives have been forever changed; Americans across the country have lost their jobs, livelihood, friends, family, income, and most of all their freedom.

If you have been vaccinated you must stand with the unvaccinated and refuse to work for, or give business to any place that requires proof of vaccination status.

This is not about public health; its about control and submission.

All around the world we witnessed Democracy-run governments conspire to make it extremely difficult for people to live without a vaccine.

They starved people, made them go broke, and completely isolated them for questioning how deeply the government actually cares about their health.

We saw countries in Europe arrest people for being “unvaccinated terrorists” who simply wanted to keep their jobs, or buy food at the market.

COVID-19 and the vaccine have become topics that nobody is allowed to question according to the government; they claim we must trust the science regardless of contradictions, data, or any visible evidence.

This road will only lead to stricter government policy that will enslave everyone to a technological control grid, where all your movement and monies is tracked; this is openly talked about in the World Economic forum.

With such a system in place, they could control how much you buy, when you buy, how long you can leave your house, how far you can travel, and much more…

This is nothing like Nazi Germany.

Comparing this worldwide tyranny to Nazi rule is a big distraction from the real root of the problem; Nazis never forced anyone to be vaccinated, nor did they promote a virus hoax to remove the rights of the German people.

China is not to blame for this pandemic hoax either, as they are only participating to see the inevitable fall of Western civilization, after it caves in on itself.

Blaming China for the virus means you believe the virus is real, therefore you are unaware of the situation entirely.

You will find people who say “I know someone who got sick, or died from Covid so it’s real” but reality is people get sick all the time, and those who die usually do so from the effects of unhealthy lifestyles.

There is nothing stopping the government from lying, and ultimately nothing would change if the government were lying, therefore we should question everything the government says.

COVID is the blueprint for an unpopular government to seize ultimate power.

The persons responsible for the greatest conspiracy in world history (COVID-19), are the elitist billionaires who own the media, big pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, banks, academia, entertainment, and big box stores, meaning they own every Washington politician.

The persons who have the most to gain from such worldwide panic, are the same people who offer the “cure” or “solutions”.

How can the rich elite profit so much during such a dangerous time of a “worldwide deadly airborne disease”?

The same way the rich profit the most during times of war.

How can an unpopular government rule forever?

The same way they are doing it right now!

The Medical tyranny will likely never end until we reclaim our country and cast out those who have done us harm, because the government can easily reinstall the COVID variant scam whenever it is convenient.

Even if they never use the pandemic scam again, they will use similar restrictions & lockdowns based on the Global Warming hoax.

Coincidentally, Jews are behind the entire COVID narrative.

The Jews claim that their involvement in the Covid scam comes from a benevolent love for humanity, but we have reason to suspect otherwise.

Pointing out that Jews literally control the Covid narrative from inside out is not anti-semetic, but observant of simple facts.

We are not intending to insight violence against Jews.

The connection between Jews and the theatrics of COVID-19 is undeniable.

Fun fact: the world’s largest producer of generic drugs is Israeli drug-making giant Teva Pharmaceutical Industries.

Here are the Jews who dictated the pandemic scam:

Rochellle Walensky – (Jewish) CDC Director.

Anne Schuchat – (Jewish) CDC Deputy Director.

Sherri Berger – (Jewish) CDC Chief of Staff.

Mitchell Wolfe – (Jewish) CDC Chief Medical Officer.

Jeff Reczek – (Jewish) CDC Director of Washington DC Office, which informs Congress.

Jeff Zients – (Jewish) Biden’s COVID-19 Response Czar.

Andy Slavitt – (Jewish) Senior Advisor of COVID-19 Response.

Jews own the Vax.

The top three companies producing the DNA altering vaccine in America are:

  1. Pfizer
  2. Moderna
  3. Johnson & Johnson

The Covid-19 vaccine has been developed by Pfizer and BioNtech and so they own the intellectual property of the vaccine.

Janet Woodcock – Head of FDA, is an agent of the Jewish vaccine lobby and big pharma, so it’s no surprise they approved the Jewish Vax so quickly.

Pfizer spent most of its 2020 lobbying efforts on the CDC & FDA, while the two departments weighed recommending and authorizing their vaccine for emergency use.

Albert Bourla – (Jewish) CEO of Pfizer & winner of the “Jewish Nobel” award.

Mikael Dolsten – (Jewish) Head scientist at Pfizer.

Tal Zaks – (Jewish) Chief Medical Officer of Moderna, and Creator of the Moderna Vax.

Alex Gorsky – (Jewish) CEO of Johnson & Johnson.

Dr. Joanne Waldstreicher – (Jewish) Chief Medical Officer of Johnson & Johnson.

NOTE: Pfizer is the number one vaccine company in America and it has made billions of dollars from its vaccines.

Drew Weissman – (Jew) is the scientist responsible for the pioneering breakthroughs that allowed for the development of an mRNA vaccine; he is also a professor at University of Pennsylvania, and once worked under Fauci at the National Institutes of Health.

Anat Ashkenazi – (Jew) is the CFO & VP of Eli Lilly Co which develops antibody treatments for COVID-19.

The list is to be continued…

Science now dictates our reality.

Well paid scientists, such as Anthony Fauci (the highest paid government employee in history), claim that the vaccine won’t work until everyone gets vaccinated; as if somehow the vaccines know when other people aren’t vaccinated, and decide to stop working around them.

They also made this claim earlier in the pandemic scam, that masks will not work unless everyone wears them, as if your mask knows when someone else isn’t wearing one, and decides to stop working.

Their solution for vaccine ineffectiveness is a monthly, or annually “Booster Shot” that could also come in the form of a pill.

If the government can force you to inject yourself with a dangerous, and experimental drug for a virus that has no proof of existence beyond the media image, they can force you to do anything.

The virus is being used as a means to remove the rights and freedoms of the people, therefore granting the government, and billion dollar private corporations unlimited power.

They are testing the limits of this new power and influence to see who will do what their told, regardless of evidence or logic, and who will resist.

The Vaccines are proven to be extremely dangerous- young adults are experiencing deadly heart attacks, women are becoming infertile, and limited research leaves us to wonder about the long term effects of this gene therapy drug.

Many scientists and other employees working for these despicable companies, have been caught on camera admitting to the dangers and ineffectiveness of the vax.

Hospital workers across the country have quit their jobs due to government Vaccine mandates, which should also speak volumes about how much we should trust these vaccines.

It is clear that those in power are using the COVID vaccine for population control as they commit mass murder and mass human injury.

 The mark of the beast is about loyalty.

The government has cleansed the ranks of their institutions and their cities of people who refuse to submit to the vax.

The vax is a purity test for them to ensure that someone is loyal to the system.

The fact that science has already admitted that the vaccine doesn’t work, makes it even more sinister.

You have to say “I believe the vax works even if it doesn’t, and I’m willing to risk death or terrible health consequences in order to demonstrate that I believe.”


We should arrest everyone who was involved in promoting this lie.

BOYCOTT all establishments that require vaccines for employees or customers.

Ask questions, and be more hesitant next time the government and/or media tries to scare you into believing something.