Open Borders

The Border Crisis continues.

This article is not intended to insight violence or mistreatment against illegal aliens.

The UPA got an inside look at the real situation occurring along the AZ border while working with volunteer groups who were assisting border patrol.

Some volunteers have spent years documenting trafficking evidence, picking up trash that the aliens leave behind in the desert, tracking illegal aliens to stash houses, and reporting collected intel to Border Patrol.

Picture (captured by border volunteer drone) shows camouflage clothing sets left behind by illegal aliens.

The bottom line is millions upon millions of immigrants from 3rd world countries continue to poor into the country, while receiving aid from “American” charity groups.

Paid volunteer groups such as The Good Samaritans leave out food and water for the aliens, and also give them car rides to inner city stash houses.

Regina Romero (Hispanic) is currently the mayor of Tucson, AZ which acts as a “sanctuary city” for 3rd world immigrants.

Tucson is inside Pima county which has the largest county on the southern border with no wall.

The entire Tucson city government divert tax dollars to build hundreds of water stations in the desert for the alien’s safe journey, while working with the county board of supervisors to keep the border wide open.

The city also constantly builds new project apartments to accommodate the large numbers of aliens entering the country, and the a big portion of the city’s budget continues to go towards welfare programs designed to assist the illegals financially.

The Mayor before her was Jonathan Rothschild (Jewish) who was also actively engaged in assisting the illegal immigrants, and creating Tucson’s sanctuary status.

The occupational government of our country welcomes the immigrants with open arms while offering them easy access to welfare, stimulus checks, free housing, free transportation, free education, employment, and many other benefits.

Immigrants are celebrated and treated far better than Americans in today’s era, because the United States government’s plan is to permanently rid America of the White/ European majority.

This plan is called replacement immigration, and it goes beyond voter preferences.

There is also a large scale Sex Trafficking & Drug Smuggling operation that brings in a lot of dirty money into the pockets of corrupt individuals involved.

Most of these invaders will eventually become “U.S citizens” by declaring themselves as refugees, having babies in our country, or claiming to have escaped political persecution from their country; those who do not, will simply buy fake citizenship documents.

Even those still under “illegal alien” status will roam free and receive taxpayer funded benefits, because the courts will never have enough time to set trials for an estimated 20+ million illegals (with more on the way).

About 45-50% of the country’s population is already non-American, but that number will grow with an accelerating rate over the next 10 years.

Drugs will continue to flood the country, crime will continue to rise, debt will increase, and immigrants will quickly outnumber Americans 3 to 1.

Picture (captured on trail camera) shows a group of illegal aliens wearing camouflage, entering the country through Pima County Arizona.

Our country is now the dumping ground of the 3rd world; a cesspool where kind of criminal, race, religion, ideology, and belief can live amongst us to drain our resources, while forcing Americans to assimilate to them.

Pedophiles, Drug runners, and even terrorists have wide open range to simply walk into our country to cause more chaos.

A wartime situation would also leave us completely vulnerable to land invasion, due to the fact that most of the southern border has absolutely no wall or protection of any kind.

Americans are fleeing overpopulated states that have fallen to the immigrant invasion, such as California and Arizona, but this snowball effect is causing an increase of housing prices, along with rent cost in other states with fewer immigrants.

The government has payed for immigrants to fly first class around the country, in order to distribute the diversity amongst the more pure areas.

Do not be fooled, the people coming in illegally through the southern border are not just Mexican; they come from all parts of South America, the Middle East, Africa, and many more places.

Americans are literally running out room to live in their own country!


We should all be able to accept thatĀ  European people, some black people (who have generational American roots), and some native Indian tribes have claim to the land of America.

The 3rd worlders coming in do not have any claim whatsoever.

Unlike White people, the Hispanic, Middle-Eastern, and African immigrants have their own countries; the only reason they are coming to this country is to leech off us for money.

There is no moral justification for the mass amount of immigrants coming to receive free government benefits.

The individual immigrants who are being offered a chance to come leech off Americans have a slight justification, in that they are simply accepting a deal being offered to them.

The offer itself, being made by Democrats and Republicans alike, is unjustifiable.

This is our country; WE LIVE HERE.

If people fleeing their own country honestly have dangerous problems they are facing, we should listen to their concerns.

We should attempt to figure out ways to help those who seriously need it, but there must be conditions on that standard.

These conditions should include that you cannot keep sending more people to come leech off of us.

We must help when we can by “teaching a man to fish” rather than giving him crates full of fish to eat.

Once we restore America by removing those who have crippled its foundation, we will eventually reach the ultimate height of advanced civilization; only then will have the strength to help other nation’s well being if human rights are being threatened.

America is not the safe haven for the entire world population; we must help our people FIRST.

To any immigrant family currently living in America:

If you & your family members are of good character, and if you wish to help the UPA movement, we would be glad to have you stay until we can figure out what is best forĀ  you.

If you & your family members are of good character, can speak English, and have lived here for over 10 years, we would be glad to have you stay until other accommodations can be made.


Elect the UPA to end the immigration crisis, the sex trafficking, and drug smuggling occurring along the southern border.

The only logical way to solve such a problem is to finish building the border wall, guard the border with Law enforcement, military personnel, and paid volunteers, while enforcing a policy to send non-Americans back to their homeland.

We must also develop stricter laws that entail more serious punishment for those who attempt to enter our county illegally.

We can encourage most immigrants who live here to leave with money incentives, because that is the main reason for which they came to our home in the first place.

Most of those who do not accept the fist incentive, will most likely leave once we rid them of government benefits, and make it impossible for them to be legally employed.

The few remaining criminals will be forced out with an immigration task force.

They need to go back and fix the problems in their own country, as we need to fix ours.