The Deep State.

Policy over Party.

Are Conservatives better than Democrats, or are they the lesser of two evils?

The majority of Conservative supporters are honest people, but unfortunately for them, the GOP is just as corrupt as the left.

AIPAC is one of the most influential lobbying organizations in America, therefore one of most dangerous.

We must remember that “lobbying” is literally political bribery.

Both Republican and Democrat politicians openly support the Jewish ethnostate of Israel, because Jewish billionaires have both parties in their pocket.

Both parties see it mutually beneficial to push Jewish agendas, because both sides are receiving funds from Jewish lobbyists, also known as The Deep State.

Regardless of which politicians people choose to love or hate, they all have one big thing in common; they are all Jewish puppets.

Even if you do not believe Jews have control over Washington political actors, you still have to wonder why Jews have more lobbying groups than any other group of people, while they only account for 2% of the population.

There are no “pro-white” lobbying groups.

The Jewish lobby is extremely effective, so much so that American citizens are required to pay taxes that go directly towards the funding of Israel (about $20+ Billion a year).

Why are we required by law to pay Jews in Israel?
-ask you local politician.

If you do your homework, you will find every single recognizable political leader endorsing Israel, and condemning “anti-semitism” as one of the most serious issues that we face in U.S.

Why do both Republicans AND Democrats align to protect the Jewish ethnostate of Israel and Jews altogether?
-they call it anti-semitism to ask such questions.

It should be noted that there are no known political figures that advocate for white people, or an all white ethnostate.

Every single United States president has sworn allegiance to Jews and Israel; all of them secretly convert to Judaism during their ceremonial visit to “the holy land”.

Jews tend to be more left leaning, but as you can clearly see, they seek to control both sides of the political isle.

In regards to how we should think about Jewish people as a whole, there are very few Jews who oppose Israel’s agenda, but by principle all Jews are apart of the bigger problem by supporting the Jewish tribe.

There are Jews directly involved in controlling our society, and there are Jews who are indirectly involved.

A Jew is a Jew regardless; supporting Judaism is no different than supporting Israel, Zionism, Communism, Anti-Facism, or any other Jewish invention, because the Jewish tribe supports anything that will benefit the Jews, at the time it suits them best.

Jewish children are raised with the mentality of doing whatever is in the best interest of their people.

Every Jewish individual may not support everything the Jewish overlords propose, but they will always have compassion towards their Jewish tribe, and they will always pay contribution to Jewish organizations.

Just as every Democrat may not support everything the Democratic party proposes, they still enable the Democratic party to weaken America further, because they view themselves as Democrat.

Politicians in Washington are groomed to have the same mentality towards Jews, regardless of any other belief or disagreement they have.

At the end of the day Jews receive all the special treatment in America, because that is the foundation of current America politics.


Refuse to pay taxes that fund Israel.

Identify & boycott all Jewish establishments.

Elect the UPA to abolish AIPAC and all other Jewish Lobby groups.